Sunday, February 12, 2012

Harvey Wasserman: We May Yet Lose Tokyo (and Alaska and Georgia)

[excerpted] "As the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approves a construction/operating license for two new reactors in Georgia, alarming reports from Japan indicate the Fukushima catastrophe is far from over.

Thousands of tons of intensely radioactive spent fuel are still in serious jeopardy. Radioactive trash and water are spewing into the environment. And nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen reports that during the string of disasters following March 11, 2011′s earthquake and tsunami, Fukushima 1′s containment cap may actually have lifted off its base, releasing dangerously radioactive gasses and opening a gap for an ensuing hydrogen explosion.

There are some two dozen of these Mark I-style containments currently in place in the US...

....And without a final resolution to the on-going horrors at Fukushima, the entire planet, from Tokyo to Alaska to Georgia and beyond, remains at serious radioactive risk...."

MAJIA HERE: I would like to remind readers that the NRC elected not to share with Alaskan residents the severity of projections for the Fukushima disaster, nor have residents been warned in the wake of months and months of fallout:

Washington Post: “While assuring Americans publicly that there was no danger, the NRC did not disclose one worst-case scenario, which did not rule out the possibility of radiation exceeding safe levels for thyroid doses in Alaska, the e-mails show. “Because things were uncertain, we considered it but the data that was available . . . did not support that very pessimistic scenario so no, it was not discussed publicly at that point,” NRC spokesman Scott Burnell said. In the end, Alaska was not affected. “ (Mufson, S. 2012, Feb 7. “Messages show conflict within NRC after Japan’s earthquakes and tsunami
Furthermore, the State of Alaska Says 2000 Beta CPM is Action Level for intervention, EPA says 3X background or 300 CPM for Emergency Response Protective Action 

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