Thursday, February 9, 2012

No New Nukes! Fight Southern Co.'s Plan for 2 New Nukes in Georgia

Today, Feb 9, in the WSJ print edition "Southern Nears Reactor Approvals" p. B3

"Federal regulators are expected to give Southern Co the green light on Thursday to build two nuclear reactors in Georgia, the first approval of a new US nuclear project in more than three decades"

"...The federal government is providing the project $8.3 billion in loan guarantees and other subsidies under a program that was begun in 2005 to jump-start new reactor construction"

"Southern says the new reactors are economical but won't divulge assumptions about demand..."

The article states that the planned reactors are of Westinghouse design.

Westinghouse is no longer an American company as it is owned and operated by Toshiba.

Thank you "Nuke is a 4 Letter Word Blogspot" for that important bit of information.

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