Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crises in the Context of Collapsing Neoliberal Biopolitics.

I study biopolitics. That is the study of the intersections across (1) economic models; (2) health; (3) and dominant frameworks for interpreting and mitigating disease

In my research I’ve studied autism, as interpreted across scientific paradigms- including biological psychiatry and genetics, and as experienced in today's economy.

I’ve also studied how economic models shape attitudes toward the health of the population, in relation to the workplace and in relation to environmental risks. Nadesan (2010/2008). Governmentality, Biopower, and Everday Life.

I've looked at childhood from economic and public health perspectives. Nadesan (2010). Governing Childhood: Biopolitical Strategies....

As a scholar, I can tell you that the extant system, collapsing neo-liberalism, has little regard for the welfare of the population.

Neoliberalism emerged in the late 1970s out of the University of Chicago. It is a corrupted form of capitalism that has no interest in any regulations and tolerates few public health measures if they in any way interfere with profits.

Neoliberalism is a global system that has its nuts and bolts people (e.g., Larry Summers) and its ideologues (e.g., Thomas Friedman).

Neoliberal institutions such as the IMF and World Bank most frequently operate to benefit elite interests including contractors and powerful states. Read John Perkins' Confessions of An Economic Hit Man

We saw the neoliberal response in action and effect in the case of Hurricane Katrina. I could not believe what I was seeing; people were abandoned in evacuation centers for days.

Then we saw the neoliberal response with the BP Gulf Oil Spill. 

Let us talk about the BP spill for a minute.

The US President lied about the amount of oil left in the Gulf.

Then the EPA allowed (toxic) Corexit use in unprecedented levels.

Then the USDA pursued inadequate "smell" tests for the presence of petrochemicals in fish.

I mean, c'mon!

Does this script sound FAMILIAR?

Of course it does, this BP oil script is the Fukushima script as well.

I am not the only one to note this similarity. However, I have written about it and will be publishing about it--indeed; I have been publishing about it on my blog.

The point is that under collapsing neoliberalism, government will not respond to public health threats that meet their own agency guidelines for intervention.

Public health in crisis situations is disregarded altogether, even for people living in affluent areas.

I am studying this phenomenon.

I can tell you we are in trouble because of the timing of it.

The environmental legacy of what we have done is collapsing inward and if we do not respond to it, we will destroy any remnant of civilization and maybe even ourselves, entirely. 

Species that get out of whack with their environment do not make it very long; the historical record on this point is clear.

Neoliberal biopolitics merged with environmental crisis! 

'Tis bad indeed.

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  1. Majia, this is from Huffpost, hilarious the nuke promoter caught red handed and red faced.

    Mike, thanks for encouraging me to review the facts from your trusted links. It was awesome to find out that with today's data they should Fukushima Dai-Ichi 5 and 6 as operating, and ALL the reactor at Dai-Ni are also operating!

    How that for some refreshing facts!!!

    Good job Mikey, here is the proof!

    Y'all have to check this out this is hilarious! Now there is some information you can hang your hat on!!!!


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