Wednesday, February 1, 2012

European Iodine-131 Spikes

I recommend reading this thread at Enenews about the detection of radioactive Iodine-131 in Sweden, Norway and Finland:

It has also been detected in Poland.

These are official detections.

Disturbingly, all the data (both beta and gamma) in the entire EPA Radnet system is not available from about Jan 27 to around Jan 29/30th.

Too many convergences here.

There is speculation, and I mean speculation, that a fire or fires at unit/units 5 and 6 may be involved.

These speculations are based on crowd-sourced interpretations of webcam data.

(Let it be said that interpreting webcam data is an inexact science, especially for many, although not all, Enenews viewers.)

Even if units 5 & 6 are not at issue, it seems possible (likely?) that the spike in Europe is coming from Fukushima. 

Let us hope that the spikes measured in Sweden and Poland are NOT from Fukushima, because if they are it means the US and Canadian west coast may have been hammered, as well as other parts of both countries and maybe even Northern Mexico.

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