Sunday, February 12, 2012

The New York Times: A Confused Nuclear Cleanup.

Tabuchi, H. (2012, Feb 10). A Confused Nuclear Cleanup. The New York Times:
"Clean up workers: [excerpted] “We are all amateurs,” he said. “Nobody really knows how to clean up radiation.”
Nobody may really know how. But that has not deterred the Japanese government from starting to hand out an initial $13 billion in contracts meant to rehabilitate the more than 8,000-square-mile region most exposed to radioactive fallout — an area nearly as big as New Jersey….
Even more disturbing to critics of the decontamination program is the fact that the government awarded the first contracts to three giant construction companies — corporations that have no more expertise in radiation cleanup than anyone else does, but that profited hugely from Japan’s previous embrace of nuclear power….”

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