Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1.58 Trillion in Yen and Counting

The Wall Street Journal reported Feb 14 that "Tokyo Ends Tepco Funding Standoff" p. B4.

The Japanese government has already aided Tepco with 1.58 trillion yen and the "amount is expected to balloon, to at least a few trillion yen, since more than 110,000 people are still under evacuation from government-mandated no-entry zones nearly a year after the nuclear disaster."

The article notes that Tepco wants to remain independent of the Japanese government. Tepco president Mr. Nishizawa has promised to increase cost-cutting.

A decision by the Japanese government to allow Tepco to remain independent and solvent by cost-cutting constitutes, in my opinion, treason against the people of Japan.

The Japanese government needs to take control of Tepco and halt immediately any and all cost-cutting on containment and clean-up.

The future of Japan as a nation is at stake. The Japanese government must represent the interests and welfare of the population over a ruthless, genocidal corporation.

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