Monday, February 27, 2012

BP Hid Oil With Corexit Knowing Civil Penalty Is Per Barrel

BP Liable for Civil Penalties for Oil Spill By Michael Kunzelman, Associated Press
24 February 12

[excerpted] "A federal judge ruled Wednesday that BP PLC and one of its minority partners in the blown-out Macondo well are liable for civil penalties under the Clean Water Act for their roles in the nation's worst offshore oil spill.

U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier also ruled that Deepwater Horizon rig owner Transocean Ltd. may be liable under the same law as an "operator" of the well. The judge, however, said he couldn't decide before a trial scheduled to start Feb. 27 whether Transocean meets the definition of that term...."

Here are some of my previous comments about BP's use of corexit to attempt to reduce its legal exposure since the penalties will be charged per barrel

BP wanted to pay per barrel I bet. 

They used the corexit to reduce their legal exposure because the dispersant  broke up the oil into tiny droplets that were more difficult to measure and may have even fallen to the bottom.

BP may have created a toxic soup for all bottom life and feeders on bottom life (that means us folks--eat shrimp?), but they limited their financial exposure.

According to Milton Friedman, that is good corporate policy. Profits above all us, even human health and the biosphere.

BP uses this strategy in its air releases as well

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  1. For sure, I guess i have spent hundreds of horus watching these mega diasaters....BP and Fuku, and the Financial debacle.

    BP's underwater cameras clearly showed their robots furiously trying to hit every stream of oil with dispersant.


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