Friday, May 10, 2013

Japan Hopes to Revive Economy Through Exports


Yen's Fall Trickles Through Japanese Economy By Phred Dvorak | The Wall Street Journal – Thu, May 9, 2013

[Excerpted] The weaker yen's impact—the dollar has climbed 16% against the currency this year—is already trickling through the Japanese economy, pushing up prices of imported food and gas and drawing a flood of tourists whose currencies now buy more goods in Japan. It is bolstering sales and profit at exporters whose goods can be produced at lower prices for global markets...
...More importantly, the yen's decline signals hopes for a more groundbreaking economic shift: the reversal of nearly two decades of stagnation, weak demand and declining prices. While Japanese officials insist they haven't been intentionally weakening the yen, its plunge is the direct result of the monetary policies promoted by new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has declared it a central part of his "Abenomics" plan to beat deflation and boost growth....[end]

Majia here: This is quite a risky approach for Abe.

Imported food and energy are going to cost more for Japanese citizens.

Japan's government hopes that the value derived from exports will compensate, as growth (and purportedly jobs) are created around export industries.
However, what if the world discovers that Japan's exports are quite radioactive?
That would not be a very good situation for Japan. Exports would collapse, while the price of imported food and fuel would skyrocket.
Japan shouldn't worry too much though, because the other governments of the world are not likely to reject Japanese imports.
Most countries of the world won't turn-back Japanese goods because they also have leaky, dangerous nuclear plants that routinely pollute the environment while posing cataclysmic risks to human life in the event of "accidents."
Governments don't want the global public to turn against nuclear "energy" because the costs associated with de-commissioning these plants defy imagination.
The plants are cancers upon the earth, as are many other sites of extreme pollution around the globe.  

So, governments will be happy to receive Japanese goods in order to maintain the facade of human control in the face of ongoing environmental collapse.

Governments will be happy to facilitate the poisoning of their citizens in order to maintain order until populations are too weakened to resist.

I never believed that elite conspirators aim to de-populate the earth. But I've come to realize that de-population will occur as an effect of elite decision-making, nonetheless.

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