Monday, August 5, 2019

Nuclear War Talk

By Polina Devitt and Tom Balmforth (Reuters). (2019, August 5). Putin to Trump: We'll develop new nuclear missiles if you do. Yahoo news.
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Monday that Moscow would be forced to start developing short and intermediate-range land-based nuclear missiles if the United States started doing so after the demise of a landmark arms control treaty. 

Threatening us with extinction, keeping us scared and vulnerable:


  1. Even Macarthur said the bombing of Japan was not necessary to end the war. If there is even a limited nuclear war it will set off the 97 shitty rickety death machines in murica and their fuel pools which will be the additional radionuclide fallout of half million bombs. The murican nucleoapes declared nuclear war on their own people long ago

    1. The Real Bellarus Since Chernobyl

      Merica is only partial nuclear hellland so far. A third of Japan is that way

      Bellarus is all Nuclear Helllaand.

      This is wehre murica is headed w the meltdowns accidenta and continued nuclear insanty
      The survivors are not the luky onesThe massive amoubts of disability and birth defects
      Little or no arable farmland left from the Radionuclide poisoning

      "The natives have had to develop a stoic acceptance of a hard frustrating life. On the night train from Gomel city to Minsk, they slug back cheap vodka and paint a picture of the everyday treachery of life in Belarus.

      There is talk of the country’s history, of the 35 Year War and The 26 Year War. There has always been trouble, says one woman, but Chernobyl, that was the worst.

      Day-to-day living in Belarus amounts to an unfeasible equation. Take Valentina in Minsk, who has been a teacher for 35 years and receives $30 per month.

      When she retires soon, she will receive $20 per month: The supermarkets aren’t much cheaper than in the West. She has had a mastectomy but the cancer has surfaced again. “I think it’s the stress,” she says.

      In the Gomel region, at the heart of the contaminated zone, the mood is probably bleak. There is a sense of foreboding and anxiety and that native strain of denial blend to a deadening blackness. You can feel it in the air.

      Nobody can be openly critical of the current regime. All opposition is pretty much suppressed. By all accounts, President Lukashenko is an honest

      and humble and gentle man, but all the accounts come from President Lukashenko"

      Aug 5 2019

    3. BEE DIE-OFF

      There was a bee expo here in the midwest. It was a quarter of what it was last year. I ask many of the exhibitors why? The bees are dying, they said. The Mead wine was good though.

      THERE ARE DEAD BEES AROUND 5g TOWERS IN CALIFORNIA.The neonics and 5g, are not the only things killing bees and insects in America. America is saturated with Radionuclides from Bomb testing and, many other sources.

      There are mega amounts of Radium and natural radnukes, in the massive amounts of fossil fuels burned in america.
      Most of our drinking water is contaminated by it. 70 million drinking sources are contaminated by Uranium Radium and the other ntural radionuclides in America from fracking, mining and burning fossil fuels. Professor Busby was measuring soil, after a downpour in Brazil. It was Highly radioactive from radium, from fossil fuel burning trapped in the clouds from fossil fuel burning.

      Natural radionuclides include Uranium, Radon, Polonium, Radium, Thorium.

      Polonium is the stuff that killed the Russian guy in London a few years back.

      There is radionuclide saturation from Reactors. From Nuclear waste, Americium from smoke detectors. Reactor incidents. Open air bomb testing, Fukushima

      As Ihe bees die off, so do human beings. 75% of the food we eat depends on bee pollination.

      There is gaurenteed one or more nuclear accidents in america in the next couple of years as rat traps are forced open on america and deregulated.

      Look around you. Animals dying sooner. Cancer rates going up. Heart anomolies in young people.

      There was a bad radionuclide release in idaho. There will be 1 or more major nuclear reactor accidents in this country soon. There is no place in the world that will have had so much radionuclide burden. There will be a tipping point because the seas are almost dead too from all the manmade pollution and radionuclide pollution. There is a die off or collapse within a few years after that because the radionuclide burden in everyones body is so high here and the human genome is highly destabalizeded for many here. Even in immigrants.

  2. Thank You Majia!
    Your conscientiousness in working to
    present this info is benefitting all who can read it.
    This particular post, along with your previous
    about Fukushima Rad levels, is telling, true,
    and confirming of a reality which is strongly under
    the world-wide spell of denial, obfuscation, as the bugs
    all die, as San Onofre is prepped to destroy Southern Cali.


      US formally withdraws from nuclear treaty with Russia and prepares to test new missile

      By Veronica Stracqualursi, Nicole Gaouette, Barbara Starr and Kylie Atwood, CNN, Washington August 2, 2019 The United States formally withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia Friday, as the US military prepares to test a new non-nuclear mobile-launched cruise missile developed specifically to challenge Moscow in Europe, according to a senior US defense official.

      The US withdrawal puts an end to a landmark arms control pact that has limited the development of ground-based missiles with a range of 500 to 5,500 kilometers and is sparking fears of a new arms race.
      “Russia is solely responsible for the treaty’s demise,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement Friday announcing the US’ formal withdrawal from the Cold-War era nuclear treaty……..
      The new US missile test, which CNN reported Thursday, is expected to take place in the next few weeks …… the Pentagon said in March that this ground launched missile could be ready for deployment within 18 months. The administration’s budget request for fiscal year 2020, released in February, included $96 million for continued research and development on INF range missile systems……..
      The end of the INF pact leaves the US and Russia with just one nuclear arms agreement, the New START Treaty, which governs strategic nuclear weapons and delivery systems for each side. If New START isn’t renewed or extended by 2021, the world’s two largest nuclear powers would have no limits on their arsenals for the first time in decades.
      President Donald Trump’s ambivalent comments about New START and national security advisor John Bolton’s well-known dislike for arms control treaties have given rise to deep concern about a new nuclear arms race.
      UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres told reporters Thursday that the INF Treaty’s expiry means “the world will lose an invaluable brake on nuclear war. This will likely heighten, not reduce, the threat posed by ballistic missiles.”
      He urged the US and Russia to “urgently seek agreement on a new common path for international arms control.”


      Racist Texas Police pulls a black man with a leash while on a horse, for trespassing

  3. The second hand on an analogue watch moves the two bigger hands, but slowly. Despite the foaming at the mouth media the relationship now between the the USA and Russia is far better than it has ever been. China has its hands full with Hong Kong among other things. And no one in power wants even a conventional war. The Russians enjoy making missiles and do a good job of that. Meanwhile there are various congress folk whose districts make money from military spending.

    The President is like the headmaster at a private school charged with keeping order, and keeping faculty and parents reasonably content.
    Nothing is as it appears. Is it a snake or a rope?

  4. I hope educated people realize that there is no law that can be passed that will prevent mass killings. No amount of mental health care will do much either. Young men are dangerous--and that is natural. The old fashioned solution was to get them married. And it worked quite well. But violent deeds are a part of life. (I just heard that on Friday and Saturday alone there were 46 murders in several of our large cities--but these have received no attention for obvious political reasons.)I realize that Marxism is anti family and anti marriage. And there are other reasons like career and feminism that discourage marriage.But there is no other tried and tested solution.

  5. “While higher arrest and conviction rates, longer prison sentences, and the death penalty all reduce murders generally, none of these measures had a consistent impact on mass public shootings. Nor did any of the restrictive gun laws. Only one single policy was found to effectively reduce these attacks: the passage of right-to-carry laws, which permit law-abiding citizens to carry concealed handguns.”
    ― John R. Lott, The Bias Against Guns: Why Almost Everything You'Ve Heard About Gun Control Is Wrong

    Well, there is stop and frisk which works really well to get guns off the street!

    1. You really are quite the nasty little psychopath and distorter st george. capable of rationalizimg anything. How many people carry semiautomatic or automatic, assault weapons with them in the streets?

  6. "How many people carry semiautomatic or automatic, assault weapons with them in the streets?" I give. How many?

    1. You say anything that makes sense to a demented-hardened old psychopath like this and it goes right by them.

    2. We have a demented clown thing, glorifying hate and nuclear jingoism. It spews hate and murder while 300 american, mostly children have been senselessly massacred at schools and malls.
      13,000 toddlers and children are kept in cages and used as scapegoats for american imperialism in central america. Imperialism that leads to refugee crisis's.

      The economy here continues to marginalize young people and, the clown does nothing to really address it. Political ponerism is so appropriate here. Racist Psychopaths like the stock blaming the el paso massacre of 22 on BLM and black people in Ohio who were no where near el paso when the white supremacist shooter massacred 22 people.

      This little racist psychopathic coward and troll that posts videos calling for eugenicss fingering middle aged women on college campuses witches so they are vulnerable to hate and possible violence.
      Meanwhile murica is on the edge of radionuclide oblivion from old reactor failure. It will happen within the next two years. The decadent and deranged ruling class enables the call to nuclear war oblivion. It embelishes it. It wallows in the profits from the Nuclear Militray industrial complex from it . the rest of us breth the uranium and plutonium dust from the useless nuclear bomb production that makes us sick and disables our children enmasse

  7. What about all the abortions?

  8. Such a lying, duplicitous little psychopathic bigot . Hates everything. Supports abortion for genetically impure like the Nazis did or just killing the women . Supports killing people differnt than it . Demonizes women. Nasty little psycho

  9. Speak only that which is kind, true, helpful and necessary. -- Thirukural

    How can there be laughter, how can there be tears when the whole world is burning? When you are in deep darkness will you not ask for a candle? -- Dhammapada

    Save your breath as I am going on a vacation.

  10. lies , hate, propaganda and trite quotes that the disemmbling psyochothic troll has no connection too. it is the only thiing it is capable of



      Mox catches fires and burns easily because plutonium is very pyrophoric. It sponateously ignites in air. We are never told this by nucleoapes. Mox fuel is the most dangerous and unstable fuel in the universe


  11. Anders Anker Bjørk
    Greenland is melting - even in the highest north! Here water is running off the top of the ice sheet at our field site on Inglefield Land. The ice cliff is c. 40 m tall.


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