Monday, August 12, 2019

Out of Control Domestic Terrorism, the Shock Doctrine, and the New World Order

Get ready as the roller coaster is out of control. Crash landing imminent in a new world order.

Domestic terrorism is up, fueled by a president who flashes a thumbs up at the camera while his wife holds a baby orphaned by a domestic terrorist, who was likely inspired by presidential ideology.

All this death is a great opportunity for the shock doctrine specialists:

Terrified, but also numb, the American public will be shepherded into a new world order absent free speech, policed by repressive apparatuses that kill more people domestically than foreign wars.

Did you see the leaked proposal for censoring the Internet?

I'm not a big fan of the Democratic Party, preferring the Greens, however if Trump wins the 2020 election, what is left of civil rights will be completely torn down.

Frankly, I am terrified.


  1. I said a year ago, that there would be a nuclear explosion somewhere this year. It happened.
    The fact that one or more nuclear reactors will blow up or meltdown in the usa, is not even a longshot anymore w what this irrational regime, has done . It has extended reactors that should have been closed 10 years ago.
    They have ignored fortifying reactors in flood planes, hurrricane zones, earthquake zones post fukushima. They have completely deregulated reactor and nuclear waste supervision so that catastrophe is aasured.
    There are now climate catastrophes placeing, multiple damaged old reactors square in thhe middle of meltdowns fuel fires and explosions. Many reactors will just blow-up on their own, because they have holes and cracks in containment and little or no backup. Amercians are too stupid to do anything. We have been talking about it for years.

    Fukushima comes along and it is right there in your face Stupids!

    All there are, are counterintelligence crackpots on the internet trying to make a buck off the sensationalism, while encouraging this insane zeitgeist.

    All the farm land will be poisoned by the worst radionuclide shit!

    Long lived radioactive iodine, polonium220, americium, uranium234-238, strontium90, cesium134-137, cobalt60, ruthenium106, plutonium136-239 . There much much more, kiddies! It will, most certainly completely poison most farm land across its path, in the usa . That will be the whole usa.
    Many people are already chemical and radionuclide poisoned in the usa. A great deal of the genome destabalized.

    Most people will be sick and week zombies withinn 6 months of nuke disaster. America is already a radioactive chemical mess. It will spread. The counterintelligence trolls that support this regime do not want people to be alarmed by the truth or know the truth. Brutes and pathological people.

    They spent millions or even billions, to get to this point. Internet networking. Dark money for the worst crackpot and most rotten extremists to form extremist, poneristic-networks, espousing hate and murder .
    This is what america is coming to. They only have about twenty percent or less real support. Mostly from insane extremist plutocrats and a cotorie of extremist cult-operatives. The plutocrats have allowed them to run amok.

    1. I agree, but also find it difficult to comprehend how people with power love their children so little that they care not at all about their future....

    2. People need to start caring about their children and other children now or they will regret it in the most emotionally painful ways

    3. From Chemical Wikipedia, personal experience, Journals of Chemistry, Wikipedia All Public domain Popular Mechanics

      I show you this to illustrate how filthy Nuclear energy Really is. Purifying uranium from ore is a 20 to Fifty step process Using Sulfuric Acid, Hydroxides, Flocculents Plastic Resins, Other Chemicals. The conversion of the Uranium Oxide to Uranium Hexafluride and, then cetrifuge enrichment, is even worse!
      Making Plutonium from Neptunium
      One of the Many Ways to Reprocess Used Fuel.

      Making Plutonium or processing any radioclides involves multistep chemical Processes that a.Contaminates Chemical Solvets and reactants
      b. Contaminates all equipment
      c. Contaminates all workers

      Making Plutonium
      A. Separate out Protactinium
      1. Pour the powdered plutonium precurser into a beaker, add nitric acid, and cook it until it has dissolved and the solution takes on a dark green color.
      2. Then the liquid is poured through a column of silica glass beads, whose surface attracts protactinium. The remaining liquid is hilevel radionuclide waste

      B. Denitritration
      1.The liquid solution is rotated in a heated kiln until it sifts out, again in a powdered oxide form. 2.This powder is mixed with powdered aluminum and pressed into pellets the size of a 5/8-inch socket, which are loaded into aluminum rods

      C. Irrdadiate Neptunium-aluminum powder to make target plutonnium.

      D. Dissolving the Iradiated product plutonium-neptunium in nitric acid and following multistep processes of extraction, evaporation and separation to create a final product.

      Gosh sounds so easy and clean!

    4. Personal experience as a tech and chemical engineer

  2. Nuclear Archeology

    Weapons-grade material discovered at Hanford nuclear site.

    Geoff Brumfiel

    "Plutonium found in a safe
    The glass bottle containing the plutonium (right) was found inside a rusty safe (left).Anal. Chem.
    The clean-up of a decommissioned US nuclear weapons plant has unearthed one of the oldest known samples of man-made plutonium.

    Workers found roughly half a gram of weapons-grade plutonium-239 (Pu-239) in an abandoned safe at the Hanford Site in rural Washington state. Researchers at the nearby Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have dated the plutonium to roughly 1946, just two years after the United States tested its first nuclear device in the desert of New Mexico."

    1. Some of the dumn bastards, that set off the first bombs, were afraid it might set part of the atmosphere on fire. They did it anyway. They will not tell us the environmental cascades that things like radioactive kryton are doing to the upper atmosphere.
      Edison knew about the tumorogenic properties of radionuclides. Muller knew about the mutagenic in the 20s from fruit fly experiments. They played with the extinction poisons anyway.
      They did not manage to completely set the atmosphere on fire but, they set the human genome on firre . The fuse is burning to our extinction.

    2. Yes - this historical fact that authorities were willing to risk setting the atmosphere on fire demonstrates exactly the nuclear logic of death

  3. A prayer vigil aacross the United States of agnostics, all religions, atheists to remove evil from the white house


      "Epstein preyed on young girls whose families were struggling with money, came from foster homes, or were on the brink of homelessness."

      He turned underaged girls into prostitutes.

      "The best lawyers money could buy won him the famous “sweetheart deal” that made sure his prison sentence would be at worst a mild inconvenience. While restrictions on non-billionaire sex offenders can be so stringent they end up living permanently under a bridge."

      Provided underaged girls for Donald Trump.

      "Epstein wanted to flood the human gene pool with his DNA by artificially impregnating scores of women at his New Mexico ranch. He also wanted his head and penis frozen for some as-yet-undisclosed purpose."

      Peter Thiel The Billionaire Vampire

      Peter Thiel’s interest in reversing the aging process by transfusing the blood of the young girls and boys has long been known.

      Gates is Using your tax money to play with the worst poison on earth.  Bill and melinda gates and Buffet claim they helped people in other parts of the world and they really have done little but at least they thing about some humanity. Meanwhile Millions in seattle and the USA are homeless.

      Half of america is impoverished now.


      Jason Hoxie
      "Our children are suffering in other ways
      Traditional money advice is laughably out of touch.

      The standard personal finance advice doled out these days is to save at least three months of expenses, save for retirement, and spend less than a third of your income on housing.

      But when you don’t have enough to cover rent, student loans, and insurance, not to mention groceries, where’s all this saving going to come from? What’s the advice for the 40 million of us earning under $15 an hour, whose jobs don’t cover the cost of living?"

      Trump the fake billionaire gave a tax break to the billionaires that took a tax writeoff away from middle class and small time landlords for property taxes. Trump gave a thumbs up on camera to the racist gunman in El Paso that massacred 22 people.  19 mass shootings ins th past year mostly of school kids by white supremescists and trump encourages it.
      Trump and fascistn usa is strangling Venezuela, Bolivia, Iran to death so there will an explosive diaspora of refugees and immigrants like central america, libya, syria iraq.
      13, 000 toddlers held at the border held in cages  tortures sexually abused. Permanently separated from their parents. will growup as sex slaves or in the penal system. such good cheistiam people trump ans his supporters are
      Most western plutocracies are radioactive chemical shitholes. The usa has massive homelessness. What a goddamned joke. Worse than third world. Small towns with homeless camps in industrial and radioactve ghettos. Its fourth world a new low in huuman degradation. The chemical and radioactive pollution will eventually disable everyone. Send more victims please so we can all rot in radioactive puke blood piss and shit and grabage as more accidents occur and reactors blowup

  4. "if Trump wins the 2020 election, what is left of civil rights will be completely torn down."

    If this is really your thinking then you might want to do further research. What civil right have you lost in the last few years?

    1. Troll-trumpholio would not know necause it is a fat demented old fascist in boulder colorado.
      1. The right to freedom of assembly pipeline protestors and antinuclear waste protestors in west texas know about that one
      2. Freedom of speech. ain spite of what trumpholio says several internet sites have been censored badly on the internet including Craigslist, News websites and several other websites toll-trmpholio dont care because it dont affect him He would just lie about it anyway.
      3. Trump wants to completely censor any internet critical of himself
      4. We know that mass surveilance saterted under bush has gotten worse under trump. Local police agencies routinely use networks to routinely monitor and harrass people.
      5. The police are more militarized than ever. Profiling both racial and
      socially based is getting worse
      6. More centralization of traditionally racist-political agencies like the FBI , DHS and their satellite agencies. Intelligence agencies like The CIA and NSA spy as much domestecally now under Trump than they did when the whole shitshow was started by the protofascist Bush with the Patriot act.
      7. Freedom of religion and a womans right to choose
      8. Freedom of religion by allowing trump and congress to harrass the antibds members of congress or making flood and disaster victims pledge fealty to Israel before they could get FEMA funds
      9. Taxation without representation taxing the middle class to death while ending all taxation of Billionairs, Corporations and the top 10 percwnt. Trump eliminated the most need federal tax breaks for middle class and other property taxes at a time taxes are at an all time high.
      10. More taxation without representation Trump and its cronies have actively deregulated the nuclear and chemical poisoning industries at the publics expense insuring higher medical expenses and bailout expenses for industry at taxpayer expense.
      11. More military spening on useless nuclear weapons that poison its citizenry
      12. Illegal subsidization of nuclear power plants on the brink of meltdowns.
      12. Much increased subsidization of the petroleum industries and petrochemical industries.
      13. Subsidization of huge monopolistic Agricultural and GMO companies through NAFTA and international tarrifs that hurt small farmers and help large Agricultural monopoplies.


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