Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Labor Day from Arizona

Happy Labor Day everyone.

Yesterday and today, Fukushima Daiichi appeared relatively quiet on the webcams in the very early morning hours with reduced (albeit still visible) emissions from unit 3. The 'spider-web' activity hasn't, to the best of my knowledge, been visible the last 2 days. Kat from Enenews posted a particularly interesting example here:

start watching this one at 45 seconds

start watching this from the beginning

start watching this one at 1:40 seconds

Lost World also posted a good image of another webcam event:

 Mt1000 posted the video link for Lost World's capture

MOVING ON: I've been extraordinarily busy with classes starting and family matters so apologies for lack of dialogue in the comments.

I'm working also on an overview of my Fukushima research that will be presented to my university colleagues this week. So much to say! I'll post the PowerPoint and link it at my blog when its complete.

I hope that those in the US get to relax tomorrow, on Labor Day. Workers need a new beginning.

I read in The Wall Street Journal that corporate profits "surged last quarter" despite a slowdown in consumer spending ('GDP Revised UP, Profits Jump' The Wall Street Journal 8/29/2014 p. A2)

Unfortunately the rise of profits was probably attributable to more lean production with fewer workers given ongoing layoffs at large corporations and the concomitant rise of part-time and contract labor.

Of course, the entire model of economic growth is flawed because its incommensurable with the integrity of the eco-system, upon which we all depend.

I hope that you have an opportunity to be reminded of our world's beauty tomorrow: