Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Bolton Stirs the War Pot

As China and Russia build their (fragile) alliances, the US amps up the new Cold War by urging Japan to mutliply its defense spending:
Shigeki Tosa in Washington and Yoshihiro Makino (2019). Bolton suggests fivefold rise in Japan’s spending on U.S. military. The Asahi Shimbun, July 31 2019,
See Michael Klare, A New Cold War in Asia? - TomDispatch (here) for discussion of the New Cold War in Asia.
What I admire most about the Japanese people is their strong sentiment toward peace.

Unfortunately, what I admire least about the American people is their willingness to be stirred up into a war frenzy by zealots such as Bolton.
Politicians who trade in hate and war betray the very foundations of security, rather than bolstering it.


  1. Japan is not doing well. I have family there. This guy Bolton, is putting the squeeze on Japan. Severe austerity for poor, and many middle class people. It does not make sense.

    You may notice, that more Koreans are aware of the fragility of their 22 nuclear reactors, since Fukushumima. Young people in korea are taking interest in radiation readings.

    People like Bolton, are insane.

    The neoconservatives like perl and wolfowitz, were salivating over personal spoils of Iraq,
    Perl said he had investments in food service providers before Bush invaded Iraq and destroyed it. I hope he lost a lot of money. I feel like neoconservatives are models for the definition of psychopaths and sociopaths.

    1. Americans are preoccupied with enetertainment. 70 percent of them have cable. They watch cable news Like MSNBC , CNN and Fox that feeds them nothing, but propaganda. The propaganda, that foreign Military bases make America more secure. The propaganda that it is necessary for the economy The propaganda that cold wars and foreign contrivences and interventions are necessary. People could look at the internet and see the waste. They could see the contradictions. They do not look.

      In America, Middle class taxes are going up. The taxes will go for military expenditures.Taxes on the plutocrats, vested in the war machine go down.

      The chickens are already roosted.
      I see an interesting symbolism from the Idaho National Laboratory, by Idaho Falls, In Idaho.

      "Various organizations have built more than 50 reactors at what is commonly called "the Site", including the ones that gave the world its first usable amount of electricity from nuclear power and the power plant for the world's first nuclear submarine. Although many are now decommissioned, these facilities are the largest concentration of reactors in the world."

      INL History". Idaho National Laboratory. United States Department of Energy, DOE Office of Nuclear Energy. Archived from the original on February 23, 2014.

      A lady engineer that worked a Idaho National Laboratory, was a strong proponent of security. She lived and worked in one of the most rural crime-free areas in the United States, by Idaho Falls Idaho. She worked for the US government.

      She carried a small Hand Gun, in her purse, whereever she went.

      She was shopping at a local Idaho Walmart, with her toddler. The toodler was in the gocery cart, by her purse.

      The mother engingieer from INL, turned around to look at some clothes with her toddler in the cart seat, by her purse. When she turned around to face the toddler a minure later, her the toddler shot her in the face and killed her. The toddler had gotten the gun from her purse, while she was distracted. Her husband was beside himself. He later stated, that he wished his wife had not had that gun, he said he felt they did not need guns like that, in Idaho Falls, Idaho

      America has no enemies on it's terrestrial borders.
      The first nuclear submarine was built at INR. 50 reactors were built and tested at INL. Two of them melted down. There may have been more.

      INL is the site of the 90,000 acre wildfire
      7-25-2019 and other wildfires in the area, at that time. The smoke from the wildfires, was contaminated with radionuclides. Many people breathed that radionuclide-contaminated smoke from the INL wildfires for hundreds of miles, tjat lived in the surrounding areas and states.

      The trillions of dollars of expenditures for the military have not only bankrupted us, they have killed many of us here and continue compromise our health, right here at home.

      INL is working on Small Modular Reactors these days. The SMR research, is heavily oriented to military applications. Military applications, like Portable Battleground, Nuclear Reactors and, Star Wars Nuclear Reactors in Space.

      Only a small percentage of money spent on those dangerous and health-compromising boondogles, could be spent on renewable energy infrastructure, that would turn things around in America.

  2. Everyone in murica, thinks they are not collateral damage but, they are. Everyone thinks thhey are getting over but they are getting zapped

  3. Japan USA Uk are seething sewer holes of radioactive Shit! The 2020 Olympic Games in Japan
    Sellafield Uk
    Murican smoke detectors

    Some muricans rightly care about Fukushima and the Olympics there but,
    Hell there is americium 241 in almost every disposable smoke detector sold, in murica. Americium is easily as bad as plutonium. There is enough of it in every Home Depot, 5 dollar smoke detector to kill an army.
    Think radioactive Nuclear Boy scout…

    The shit is massively accumulated in every landfill in murica.

    Muricas frkin criminal government allows it. They allow it because, it is a cheap way to pawn off some of the mega-tons of the high-level nuclear waste, from used nuclear fuel rods, from nuclear power plants, on a stupified and unsuspecting-uncaring-ignorant-moronic, public. Frikin millions of those shitty smoke detectors made. A shitty 3 dollar, smoke detector from walmart will cause a scinillator or gamma scout to go off the scale!
    The nucleoape nuclear reactor psychopaths, politicians, and smoke detector maker creeps, are profiting handsomely from your medical bankrupsies, your kids add-autism, your cancer and disabilities, your kids bad teeth and birth defects . What a bunch of dumn sukers americans are!

    From A Green Road Daily News
    December 2003
    Plutonium from Sellafield in all children’s teeth

    The Observer, November 30, 2003
    By Antony Barnett, public affairs editor

    Original address:,6903,1096367,00.html

    [Posted 03/12/2003]

    Government admits plant is the source of contamination but says risk is ‘minute’.

    Radioactive pollution from the Sellafield nuclear plant in Cumbria has led to children’s teeth across Britain being contaminated with plutonium.

    The Government has admitted for the first time that Sellafield ‘is a source of plutonium contamination’ across the country. Public Health Minister Melanie Johnson has revealed that a study funded by the Department of Health discovered that the closer a child lived to Sellafield, the higher the levels of plutonium found in their teeth.

    Johnson said: ‘Analysis indicated that concentrations of plutonium… decreased with increasing distance from the west Cumbrian coast and its Sellafield nuclear fuel reprocessing plant – suggesting this plant is a source of plutonium contamination in the wider population.’

    Johnson claimed the levels of plutonium are so minute that there is no health risk to the public. But this is disputed by scientists, MPs and environmental campaigners who have called for an immediate inquiry into how one of the world’s most dangerous materials has been allowed to continue to contaminate children’s teeth. There have long been claims of clusters of childhood leukaemia around Sellafield.

    In the late 1990s researchers collected more than 3,000 molars extracted from young teenagers across the country during dental treatment and analysed them. To their surprise they found traces of plutonium in all the teeth including those from children in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Alarmingly, they discovered that those living closer to Sellafield had more than twice the amount of those living 140 miles away.

    Plutonium is a man-made radioactive material and the only source of it in Britain is from Sellafield. The plant, which reprocesses nuclear fuel from reactors, still discharges plutonium into the Irish Sea.

    The original research was carried out in 1997 by Professor Nick Priest who was working for the UK Atomic Energy Authority. At the time the conclusions of the research received little attention because the study concluded that the contamination levels were so minuscule they were thought to pose an ‘insignificant’ health risk.

    But earlier this year the Committee Examining Radiation Risks from Internal Emitters, looking at health risks posed by radioactive materials, examined Priest’s study.

    Japan has Reopened Multiple- damaged dangerous, reactors and done nothing to stop the radioactive hemorraghe into the seas.

    Japan is going ahead full steam with the 2020 Radioactive Cesium 137 olympic games in Tokyo and Fukushima and Trumpo the Clown, Trump endorses them

    Trump encourages Abe to ship radioactive food to murica. Trump has made nuclear war thousands of times more probable. Fuko has lobbied to make american taxpayers pay, to keep, the most meltdown prone reactors in the world open in Ohio . Trump has gutted regulation of reactors and, ths hardening of some of the most earthquake, hrricane, and flood vulnerable reactors in the world.

    The Diablo canyon reactor has a radioactive leak from the two earthquakes. The Bay City reactors fuel pool is damaged from Harvey. When it floods and burns it will realease the radionuclide fallout, equivalent of 50,000 Nuclear Bombs. The Weatherford reactors in louisina are extensively damaged from flooding and hurricane Berry. Same for the Duke Energy Reacor in North Carolina that was damaged by Hurricane Florence.

    One of the 55 year old reactors in Ohio that Trump demanded and virtually forced to stay opened, has a hole in its containment from a nuclear accident 30 years ago. Trump and its cronies have completely deregugulated the supervion and oversight of the 97 most embrittled, cracked, dangerous, old nuclear reactors in the world.

    The Fort Calhoun Reactor was flooded by the unprecedented flooding in the midwest and south this year. Several other reactors were too. It has been flooding like this, every year in the south for ten years where there are multiple reactors. Several small rowns full of climate deniers, not allowed to rebuild on the governments dime anymore. What creeps and idiots, people like nadesan are. If they do not see it they do not believe it.

    Human Monkeys are a race of cowards! Dominated by psychopathic Mass murderers and Sadists.
    Cowardly monkeys, that have no determination to save their children. No value to save their world. They wallow in the trappings of crass materialism and enable the deranged sadism, torture and psychopathic insanity of the Sick Plutocrats. The devils have destroyed, most things left of virtue and beauty in the world.

    There will be a nuclear disaster in America soon. It is assured. It is assured by the chaotic-narcissism and hate that governs America and the neo-liberal authoritarian, kakicracies, now. It will happen soon in america. The nuclear disaster, will be covered-up. Another disaster will follow. The catastrophe will occur in the next 2-3 years or sooner.
    The illness will precipitate a societal breakdown, as is occuring in Ukraine and Japan.

    The decline and collapse will occur much more precipitously in America. America is in the the grip of a gross-simmering health crisis, from radionuclide pollution, that already exists.

    The monsterously irresponsible, Plutocratic-Kakiocracies in the west and, places like India or Korea will follow . Their Nuclear Death machines will explode from stupidity, aging and negligence. The nuclear cataclysms and climate change are insuring the demise of the human monkeys in 5-8 years.

  5. interesting debate on twitter aclight and wade allison

  6. I just hope and pray a nuclear reactor does not blow up here soon or ever. I wish people were not crazy

  7. I do not know what happened to Onto. He was from the same area as me. He was like a friend. My sister is in the hospital with meningitis from no immune system, from radiation therapy. My little bro, who is autistic is missing. I am sorry for bein Critical and mean at you Dr. Nadesan. We would all be lost without you

  8. "As China and Russia build their (fragile) alliances . . ."? Russia and China began working on their alliance in the 1980's, so I suspect it is now quite strong, The Libya affair was the final straw, and with
    Syria Russia got involved with Chinese backing.
    Why do you think it is a fragile alliance? By the way the Russian foreign minister Lavrov is easily the best foreign secretary around.

    Rarely do I encounter Americans who are interested in war. However, for Desert Storm there was enormous enthusiasm, surprisingly in Boulder Colorado. Desert Storm was the beginning of the endless wars period. And the four presidents prior to Trump were all mediocre with Obama being the crowning touch.

    1. I just noticed that alliance is plural so do you mean alliances made by China and Russia with other nations, for example, African and Middle Eastern?

    2. Are you a paid political operative or just a brain-dead zombie thing controlled by your tv and other disconnections

    3. The poisoning of the environment is effecting humans in more ways than heavy metal poisoning and pesticide poisoning. Invasive, sustained fungal infections and protozoal infections are becoming more prevalent in human populations.
      Chronic Toxoplasmosis infections have neurological effects.
      Jaraslov Flegr did an article about it, in the atlantic a few years ago.He chronicled increases in chronic toxoplamosis infections in europe in the last 30 years.
      The Trump zombies are mostly demented old baby boomers, like st george here. There is something going on beside the dementia.

  9. There is a simmering nuclear poisoning, of the world going on.
    The radionuclide pollution, began destabilizing the human genome almost three generations ago. It normally takes ten generations to destroy a species , when all of the species has mutated germ-lines.
    Destructive mutations play out to mass birth defects and infertility
    That may play out on a mondo planet scale soon from fossil fuel exraction, burning and nuclear power plant explosions and nuclear waste fires.

    The radionuclides are poisoning the life support system, by pushing the oceans past the tipping point.
    The radionuclide pollution is disabling large swaths of populations, in highly competitive-unsustainable, growth dependent , capitalist societies .Their answer is to push and expand , fossil fuel based growth which entails radionuclide based pollution harder and faster.

  10. Thanks for documenting the atlantic seaweed belt-explosion weez and candida auris. I think your asture and informed observations about fungus, algea and seaweed are correct. I learned about those events from you. No one else talks about it.

    Those organisms seem to ccomodate radtion better than other lifeforms. They may also be killing off life-forms that keep them in check or the life-forms that helped maintain a balance are dying from pollution.

    Radiation definitely compromises the human immune system. Candida auris is a super dangerous pathogen. Eukaryotic organsim infections like toxoplasmosis, and fungal infections go out of control in untreat aids and late stage intraveinous drug abusers with compromised ummune systems.

  11. Majia Talked about Valley Fever. Probably from your comments and things she surmised. It is quite sad because, if someone went and tried to talk about these things with most medical doctors, the doctors would say that person is nuts.
    I tried to talk to a GP about why i thought valley fever had grown so much, in southern california and about candida auris. She said i was just wrong She said there is no proof of any radiation contmination in america. She said radiation would not make people more succeptible to fungal infections.
    Majia Talks about a lot of things no-one else talks about. Enenews was like that, way back when from 2011. Enenews was Fukushima University till about 2015.
    Nuclear pollution is depressing but, it is important to know about it. The knowledge can help people too. If you go to the beach and get something that seems like vibrio nowadays it every well could be vibrio. Dont let an dr or cheesy urgent care tell u otherwise! I encountered an incident like that recently.
    Be aware of youself and anomolies in your health.

    Recent Majia Post
    TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2019

    Death Rate Rising, Especially Post-2011, but its ALL Lifestyle [sarcasm on]

    In 2017, I discussed how declining global health is being reported in terms of individual lifestyle choices:

    Once again, an alarming decline in the health of people aged 25-44 in the US is explained by the media primarily in relation to opioids, which no doubt play a role, but are unlikely to be the only driver when you consider the trends in health more generally


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