Monday, July 8, 2019

Nuclear News

Brazilians reject nuclear plan:
Rocha, Jan, (2019, July 6). Brazilians reject Bolsonaro’s nuclear plan, Climate News Network, Jul 6, 2019.
Summer nuclear plant shut-down in France now the norm:
Reuters (2019). EDF to curb Bugey Nuclear Reactor.
European nuclear risk governmentality:
The European Nuclear Power Risk study 2019 (EUNUPRI_2019)
Piguet Frédéric-Paul, Eckert Pierre, Deriaz Bastien, Knüsli Claudio, Wildi Walter, Giuliani Gregory. 2019. "Modeling of a Major Accident in Five Nuclear Power Plants From 365 Meteorological Situations in Western Europe and Analysis of the Potential Impacts on Populations, Soils and Affected Countries". Institut Biosphère. Strategic Study n°2. Final version, 26 June 2019. 42 p.
The Southern California quake to make LA a radioactive zone:
Wasserman, Harvey (2019, July 6). The Quake to Make Los Angeles a Radioactive Dead Zone. Reader Supported News.

Radioactive zones are toxic waste lands that destroy genetic integrity across generations. An example of the ubiquity of these zones:
Toxicity of radionuclides in determining harmful effects on humans and environment

But the EPA plans on changing how it counts pollution effects so that risks are rendered invisible:
Lisa Friedman (2019, The EPA plans on getting thousands of pollution deaths off the books by changing its math. The New York Times, — The Environmental Protection Agency plans to change the way it calculates the health risks of air pollution, a shift that would make it easier to roll back a key climate change rule because it would result in far fewer predicted deaths from pollution, according to five people with knowledge of the agency’s plans. 
And so it goes....


  1. Annie Sruta
    ...held back some seeds, nothing. I assumed it was random. Bought more (local farmer's market vendor), same outcome. Then of curiosity, i tried with an organic avocado. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. This is not normal, no?
    This was something as a kid i did all the time.

    Has been happening to me too

  2. High Costs of Nuclear Even Higher If Medical Costs Included
    Joseph Magnano

  3. On the whole governments and corporations tend to underestimate dangers and as a result those in various communities may tend to overstate. . . with the result that the citizen becomes confused and avoids the whole subject. Eternal vigilance does not seem to be uppermost in most people's minds.

    This is where a top notch media ought to come in but rarely does. Noticing over the years all the Roundup at Home Depot in an area that ought to be very aware has not been encouraging!

    The price for being aware of these hazards can be painful.

    Instead of devoting themselves to climate change the media and scientists had turned to real threats we would be getting somewhere by now. Simply noting the fact that the Medieval Warming Period was warmer than now ought to have sufficed.

  4. Three Mile Island (& Fukushima) Lies & Cover-Ups w/ Gundersen & Wasserman

  5. NRC ADMITS THAT ALL OF HOLTECS nuclear waste cannisters at san onofre are damaged

    "Every Holtec canister downloaded into the storage holes is damaged due to inadequate clearance between the canister and the divider shell in the storage hole (vault). The NRC states canister walls are already “worn”. This results in cracks. Once cracks start, they continue to grow through the wall.

    The NRC stated Southern California Edison (and Holtec) knew about this since January 2018, but continued to load 29 canisters anyway. Edison’s August 24, 2018 press release states they plan to finish loading mid 2019.

    The NRC states Edison must stop loading canisters until this issue is resolved. However, there is no method to inspect or repair cracking canisters and the NRC knows this.

    Instead, the NRC should admit the Holtec system is a lemon — a significant defective engineering design — and revoke both San Onofre and Holtec dry storage system licenses.

    The NRC should require all San Onofre thin-wall canisters be replaced with thick-wall transportable storage casks. These are the only proven dry storage systems that can be inspected, maintained, repaired and monitored in a manner to prevent major radiological releases and explosions."

  6. New Orleans is flooded all to hell. A hurricane is headed for New Orleans. 10 and more old beat up reactors in the Hurricanes path.

    The gulf coast is saturated with rain water but, the economy is good! They are building more pipelines from Canada than ever! More chemical plants and refineries than ever! More plastic shit than ever before. More fat people at walmarts in the south, than ever before!

    The gulf coast and mississippi basins are booming and green, because the sky just opens up and floods the shit out of everything evry few weeks.

    They will be sure to run the reactors at full capacity again when the hurricane hits and their levees are breached! The conductors blow the horns! Full speed, ahead!

    Something has happened at Diablo.

    All of the radiation monitors are down around in southern. Environews is silent. If someone knows something, they should speak-up.

    Jerod, in Santa Barbara says he has tinitus and a metallic taste in his moth that started after the last earthquake.

    The huge trains have left the stations.
    Merica is a bat-shit crazy mess. Most people do not give a damned.

    The trains are out of control. The trains are headed over a cliff.

    People will belittle you and call you crazy, for caring.

    The lady who writes this blog, is one of the few people telling the truth.

    Google delists her. This is a bat-shit crazy society where few people give a shit. Too bad. Good luck to the honest people out there, that have posted here and elsewhere and good luck to your families

  7. All netc monitors down in
    Toyko for a while now....possibly permanently?

  8. People in Santa Ynez complaining of severe joint and bone pain, and rashes around their eyebrows Doctor says "everyone has them"

    1. People in San Louis Obispo, are complaining of Rashes and Joint Pain, as well. Pet's and livestock acting strangely. No fly's or mosquitos that were prevalent a week ago. Children with bleeding noses, for no reason.

    2. Fukushima or The Diablo Canyon nuclear plant, or both? No news about either accept from Majias blog or occasional Fairewinds. The Tepco ustream cams are the best and only way we can see Fukushima's reactors life on a daily long as they remain up and running. Clearly it's affecting our health here on the Calif coast. Good that we keep an update on these health issues people are having now. Doctors are useless unless they are open to facing facts of what these plants are doing to us.


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