Sunday, July 30, 2017

Stormy Weather at Fukushima Daiichi

Futaba Cam view:


Unit 1 View

Fukushima looks eerie in these screenshots:

Perhaps the fog that billowed near the plant for a brief period is a result of ordinary interactions between heat and precipitation, but the visual spectacle is jolting in its suggestiveness...

Would Fukushima's ongoing tritium releases change the properties of the fog and steam surrounding the plant through tritiation? Tritiation is a known process, as described here by Wikipedia:
Tritiated water is a radioactive form of water where the usual hydrogen atoms are replaced with tritium. In its pure form it may be called tritium oxide or super-heavy water. Pure T₂O is corrosive due to self-radiolysis. Wikipedia 
I've collected a number of sources on the subject and will be investigating this further when I get time....

From past research I've found considerable scientific disagreement about the atmospheric effects of human engineered nuclear explosions and radioactivity. I strongly recommend reading Jacob Darwin Hamblin's excellent book exploring these debates and proposed technologies, Arming Mother Nature