Thursday, July 11, 2019

Radioactivity from Fukushima Disaster Circles Pacific in a Single Year

A Japanese research group has found that contamination of the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima nuclear disaster circles that ocean in a single year:
Research Group: Radioactivity Attributable to Fukushima Disaster Circles Pacific in Only 1 Year (2019-07-09).

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  1. Only God knows how much Radioactive waste has run-off, from the Continental United states and Asia, are in the oceans. God knows how many barrels of nuclear waste from countries like France, The USA, and Russia Have been carted out on freightors into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to dump. The French Blew-up a Greanpeace ahip by New Zealand for dogging one of Frances-Nuclear Waste-Dumping Freightors.

    The Russians continue to have the shittyist, most dangerous reactor designs in the world running on undependable mox made in Mayak. 2 may have already gone off since Chernobyl. You will not hear about that. There were elevated radiation readings in europe, since fukushima that came from russia and, stunk of hilevel reactor releases. Busby used a Gamma Spectrometer off the coast of the Baltic Sea, by Russia and found that Ceceium 134 and 137 levels were twice, as high there post Chernobyl as they should be, in 2017.

    America is a radioactive shithole , with places like Hanford, 3 mile island, Multiple open air nuclear tests for decades. 97 of the leakiest, old cracked, embrittled-nuclear reactors in the world. 10s of thousands of tons of the worst highlevel nuclear waste spread across the USA.
    Now think about Russia and Japan and the Arctic ocean and Pacific ocean for a minute.

    Many Places in Russia are so radioacive, one cannot stand for 30 minutes witout dropping dead. Russia has the distinction of being one of tge most radioactive country's on earth! Up there with Japan and many places in America.

    The CIA will tell you about Russias shrinking demographics but, they will not tell the truth about it.
    Half the men and women in Russia have fertililiy from massive radionuclide contamination. The CIA says it is from an aging Russian poulation and bad russian economy. I knew a Russian doctor that was in a port where a russian sub blew in the late 80s. She has had dysmennorhea and has been bleeding since then.

    The Russian's run nuclear-powered ice breakers in the arctic. America is a radioactive shithole and so is Russia . The russians have dumped two hundred thousand tons of high level nuclear waste in the arctic ocean. That includes the old nuclear reactors it has pushed into the Arctic and baltic oceans and the old nuclear submarines there. Altogether there are probably a half million-tons of the highest level radionuclides dumped in the arctic ocean from Russia, the Usa, France and England. Some of that high level waste is conatantly changing. Some has longer lasting, heat generating radionucleides like Pyrophic Plutonium
    Strontiums THESE ARE STRONG
    Cesium 134-137 BETA-GAMMA EMITTERS
    Radioactive Cobalts

    Germanium-72, 73, 74, 76
    Strontiums 88-90
    Polonium 220
    Selenium-77, 78, 79, 80, 82
    Rubidium-85, 87
    Iodine 129
    Zirconium-90 to 96
    Ruthenium-101 to 106

    Things like strontium 90, plutonium and
    CESIUM134-137 are migrating to the pacific ocean from the Arctic Ocean, so there is the Fukushima nuclear excrement in the pacific and everything else.

    The Russians brag about a floating reactor in the arctic . That crappy old reactor will dump nuclear waste into the ocean and forwver be prone to exploding there. The Russians dump old nuclear submarines and exploded reactors in the arctic ocean. Americans and the UK and Francw have dumped subs into the oceans too.

    1. The CIA will tell you about Russias shrinking demographics but, they will not tell the truth about it.
      Half the men and women in Russia have fertililiy problems from massive radionuclide contamination.

  2. This is what our Great Leader, is doing to us with ongoing earthquakes under Dangerous reactors and Flooding of Dangerous reactors.
    U.S. to extend nuclear reactor lifespans in bid to revive industry

    U.S. to extend nuclear reactor lifespans in bid to revive industry

    The United States plans to extend the lifespans of existing nuclear reactors and support new technologies as it seeks to revive an industry seen as crucial to its energy security, a senior U.S. official said on Thursday.

    U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette told an International Energy Agency conference on nuclear

    1. Radioactive Footprints.

      We talk about the carbon footprint of the Petrol-Gulper-Jetsetters of the Western-Fossil-Fuel Based, Empirial Plutocrasies . Plutocracies Like the USA, France, UK etc .  We don't talk about the Radioactive footprints of RETIREES, Bobos, Rich Jetsetters, from PLACES like France, America, Russia, Germany, the UK, Canada and more in these nuclear plutocracies.

      People who fly in big jets, whenever they want, to wherever they want. The jet's burn huge amounts of fossil-fuels. People taking luxury cruises, that burn triliions of gallons of raw-fuel oil . The huge cruise ships oil engines, spew microparticulates, acids and radium into the oceans.

      Trllions are spent to Build nuclear bombs and for related war technology that  the investment classes and pension funds , in the USA are vested in.

      The Carbon footprint millionaires, billionaires, oligarchs and middle classes, in The USA, France, Israel, Uk, India, Australia, have trillions invested in their Nuclear-Millitary-Industrial Complexes, that spend trillions on Useless nuclear bombs and related technololgy.
      Their military-industrial-complexes and massivlely government-subsidized energy corporations, spend astronomical amounts of money and resources, to prop up dangerous Nuclear-reactors and Fossil-Fuel industries, that ruin them and the rest of us.

      The american people have radionuclides on their shoes . The american people and empire, have created huge radioactive footprints as well as the massive carbon footprints many of them have. It is Especially true of the jet-setters, whose wealth and pensions, are subsidized by the government, by making nuclear weapons, nuclear waste, depleted uranium weapons, useless war machines, huge intelligence spook operations, nuclear reactors that the rich and pensioners make money off of, through their investments. The working poor subsidize the super-radioactive footprints and carbon footprints of the BoBos, the Oligarchs, the Wortlhess Plutarch Polititicians. It Occurs in Russia, Korea and Japan too. Korea and Japan mostly through expensive, dangerous, nuclear reactors.

      Everyone in the nucleoape countries pays for the high radioactive footprints with their health.

      High Cost of Nukes Even Higher If Medical Expenses Included


      Kate Brown 5 Myths about Chernobyl

  3. With the amount of nuclear waste/water from Fukushima, Russia and US dumped in the ocean every day, month and year, why isn't someone connecting the ocean temps steadily going up and killing marine life with what has been happening with climate change??

  4. Thanks for commenting Liana. This diagram shows how Nuclear Waste is Categorized

    High-Level Nuclear Waste is Spent Fuel, from Nuclear Reactor Fission. It is intensely Radioactive! It contains significant amounts of gamma-radiation emmiters and beta emitters that can interact with containment to generate heat, gasses, and catalyze chemical reactions!
    It Generates it's own heat!
    Dr. Busby poited out, how Spent Fuel would generate Helium Gas from the Copper containment vessels, the Finns want to use, in their deep earth, waste-repository. The containers will not be safe.

    Plutonium is pyrophoric. It can catch fire on it's own.

    I am connecting what you are talking about. We are talking about something that is highly suppressed and has been for 78 years!
    I have worked with highly dilited high beta-gamma radionuclides to the tume of 200 billionths of a gram to a kilogram. Radionuclides like Cobalt 60 and Iodine 131.
    Even at these very low concentrations, they generate a tremendous amount of heat, in saline solutions.

    There are no studies on this because of strength of the Corporate-Nuclear Village and the Government-Nuclear, Military-Industrial-Complexes, in suppressing such information and simply lying about it.

    Most of what you and I know, has to be extrapolated.

    The amount of lying, cover-up, and information suppression is maddening!

    1. Professor Wasserman, has been covering Diablo Canyon closely, since the earthquakes
      in Southern California to alert people of a possible Nuclear Meltdown there.

      Durnford was kicked off Youtube, for a month for using abusive language and illegal solicitation.

      Durnford is on youtube again
      using abusive language
      against Dr. Caldicott, Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear and Harvey Wasserman

      Durnford appears to be very Drunk and High. Very Crusty

      Durnford is known to be financed by dark money. He is financed by ProNuclear Money, CPAC and Koch money.
      He is such a terrible jerk

    2. Beyond Nuclear, Wasserman and Kevin Kamps
      Have been working hard to Block the Nuclear Industry, The Republicans and Trump to Use Taxpayer and Ratepayer Money, to Prop-Up 2 of the worst reactors in america,that are close to MELTDOWNS, in Ohio.


      Nuclear bailout war rages on in Ohio -- please take action or spread the word!

      "The Cincinnati Enquirer is wondering, "Who paid all that money to buy all those nuclear bailout ads raining on Ohio?" The Wall Street Journal reports "Ohio Lawmakers Miss Deadline to Save Two Nuclear Plants, Vow to Keep Trying." The nuclear bailout war continues to rage in Ohio. Resistance has blocked the nuclear bailout thus far, for the past several years. But the next ten days could decide this fight. As NIRS executive director, Tim Judson's, testimony to State of Ohio legislative committees predicted, bankrupt FirstEnergy Nuclear's claim, that it needed the multi-year, multi-billion dollar bailout, to be approved by June 30, 2019 -- so that it could order nuclear fuel for its Ohio reactors to keep operating -- was a bluff. "Magically," FirstEnergy has announced it can wait a bit longer. So its friends in the Ohio legislature have obliged, and extended their legislative session by two weeks, in order to ram the bailout through. This is unacceptable from a nuclear safety perspective -- one of the reactors in line to receive the bailout, Davis-Besse on the Lake Erie shore near Toledo, is one of the single most age-degraded and high-risk atomic reactors in the country. (See photo, above, of local residents protesting in 2011 -- with street theater appearances by the likes of Humpty Dumpty, King Kong, Homer Simpson, Mr. Burns, and Flying Pigs -- after revelations of severe cracking of Davis-Besse's concrete containment Shield Building, at the atomic reactor's front entrance.) It should have been shut down long ago, and should not be bailed out, enabling it to keep operating for years or decades to come!

      The potential cataclysm that could unfold, if the Davis-Besse reactor melts down, and its containment fails, releasing catastrophic amounts of hazardous radioactivity into the environment, is unimaginable. The CRAC-II report (Calculation of Reactor Accident Consequences, also known as the Sandia Siting Study, or NUREG/CR-2239), commissioned by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and carried out by Sandia National Lab, reported that 1,400 peak early fatalities (acute radiation poisoning deaths), 73,000 peak early injuries, 10,000 peak cancer deaths (latent cancer fatalities) would result. So too would $84 billion in property damages. But the Associated Press reported in 2011 that populations have soared around atomic reactors like Davis-Besse since 1982, so casualty figures would be much worse today. And when adjusted for inflation alone, property damages would now surmount $220 billion. Also, the Great Lakes downstream -- drinking water for many millions in multiple states and provinces in two countries, as well as a large number of Native American First Nations -- could be radioactively poisoned.

      If you live in Ohio, please take direct action. If you know anyone in Ohio, please spread the word to them ASAP, to take action! See a recent update, as well as a recent action alert"

  5. Marco Kaltofen
    On my last trip to Fukushima, Japan's investment in sea defenses was highly visible. Today & tomorrow New Orleans will get it's new flood defenses tested.

    There are extremely vulnerable nuclear reactors in that area, with saturated soil and overflowing levees from recent flooding.


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