Saturday, May 4, 2013

TBS Cam This Morning

Daiichi looks hot again. Yesterday (Fri) and the day before (Thur) it looked slightly cooler than today. Today I see blue coming up from units 3 and 4. Someone at Enenews mentioned that the steam events were cyclical in nature.

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  1. Majia,
    Just a heads up that I thought you might pass along.

    Take a look at the photos from Tepco where they show how they are going to remove the debris from the top of unit 3.

    Go to this photo linked today on Enenews:

    Take a look at the large photo on the right hand side of the second powerpoint slide. The one titled Photo taken on April 22, 2013.

    Look to the lower left corner of the picture - notice that there is the edge of a large round black hole clearly visible underneath the bridge crane - surprise; surprise;

    it's not a shadow; it's not the top of a concrete containment plug; it's not the top of a reactor; - it's a very deep, empty hole. Nice of them to finally show us. It's visible in the other photos where I've tried to point it out before, but was not very discernible until they removed the debris.

    Not at all of a surprise to me, but this is the first clear photographic proof I've seen.

    Now I'm 100% certain that there was a MOX plutonium shower after the #3 reactor blew 2 years ago. Who got lucky? Time will tell.



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