Wednesday, May 1, 2013

For I Walk Through the Darkest Valley


  1. An alarm went off in the dry cask storage facility. It was declared to be a fault in the alarm circuitry.

    "Tepco is transferring the spent fuel assemblies from the common pool to this temporary dry cask storage facility so they have more space in the common pool to accept the fuel assemblies from SFP4.

    At the moment of 4/20/2013, 193 spent fuel assemblies are stocked in the dry cast storage facility."

    Could they be transferring the assemblies out of the pool before they're ready?

  2. Thanks for this thoughtful analysis, Majia and Booby1.

    It looks to me in some of these images that that steam or black dust is coming straight out of the ground, in between Fukushima and the camera. So my question is: why do you not think that it is coming from the corium? Thanks, NoNukes


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