Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Vision

Last night I was lying in bed ready to fall to sleep and I had my second vision.

I describe the first vision here, which occurred May 19, 2012. That vision was of a worm that surged up from the earth and then exploded into a terrible fire in the sky.

Then, rapidly, a new image was burned into my brain. It was off a bridge shrouded in mist. I could not see the other side of the bridge. It signified to me the uncertainty of death brought upon by the worm.

Last night a new vision appeared in my mind:

It was signaled by purple of the same color as seen in the Tepco webcam trained on the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

I knew right away that the purple was a signal for my attention. I wanted to disregard what was coming next. But I couldn't. An image flooded my mind.

It was a simple image: It was of a very old stone door shutting me outside.

The door was part of a wall, which I couldn't see, that was outside, in the world. The wall divided the outside world from itself. 

I was shut out of the world by that rapidly closing door.

I didn't see the door close entirely. The vision abruptly halted when the doors came together enough so as to block entry. 

Either side was "outside," but I knew I had been shut out of some place, left alone.

The quality of this recent experience was not dreamlike. I've dreamed about Fukushima before.

This vision and the one a year ago were not dreamlike. They were intrusions. They were ephemeral, one-way messages coded in cryptic, but culturally recognizable, symbolic imagery.

I don't know where these messages come from, but feel they embody knowledge greater than my own.

Perhaps the messages are from my personal unconscious; or, perhaps they are from some inexplicable collective consciousness we share as a species or as part of Gaia?

Perhaps the messages are from some universal force of the galaxy or universe (God?) or from some other inexplicably alien force that cannot be explicated by the limits of my language?

I don't know where these intrusive, ephemeral visions come from, but I do know with certainty that they are not part of my normal ways of knowing (e.g., imagination, dream, logic, analysis, desire, fear, etc.), epistemologies.

They are NOT epiphenomena of a bit of my dinner or my level of dopamine.

But, I really don't need to convince anyone because it doesn't matter now.
We've passed some critical point.

I acknowledge there will be no response to the major problems that are threatening our continued existence on planet earth: WE are rapidly destroying the life-sustainability of our atmosphere, our fresh water, and our oceans. There is no doubt about that.

Fukushima was our test. It was and continues to be a life-threatening disaster that could bring down humanity if other nuclear reactors in Japan fail, which they may already have done.

We are unable to muster an adequate response to this test. Worse, we bungled the crisis response by sacrificing so many people to accelerated death by radiation because of our unwillingness to even acknowledge the scale of the nuclear events that began March 11, 2011 but have continued up through today.

Fukushima is not alone producing the radiation that is destroying our genome. Hanford has been an environmental nuclear disaster for decades and decades. Problems like Hanford exist throughout the world's "developed" economies. They are rarely acknowledged publicly and little-to-nothing is done to address them.

Radiation is not the only pressing problem threatening our existence. There are other dangerous elements that we have unleashed to move in the air and water (lead, arsenic, mercury). We've also mass produced dangerous chemicals, many of which are used on our food.

Fukushima was the wake-up bell. It was the test to see if we could wake up enough to put aside our greed and aggression to collaborate to save ourselves.

We couldn't do it. Two years have past and the radiation levels in Fukushima City and Tokyo are rising again.

The Daiichi plant is having regular steam eruptions. Each event typically lasts less than an hour. Steam erupts from the buildings and from the areas where the contaminated water storage pools reside. The steam comes directly up from the ground at times. At other times, the common spent fuel pool is a major source of emissions (like earlier today).

Fukushima is going to spew radiation into an already compromised environment unchecked.

Tipping points in some species - Southern California sea lions, California bees, monarch butterflies, Alaskan Salmon - have been documented scientifically.

Other localized collapses may have occurred. I've collected data (with my father and graduate student) for declines of animals in my environs (cockroaches living outside gardens; June bugs; quail; hermit crabs).

I see now it is simply too late. Those of us who did awaken were too few in number to succeed.

Who knows how long it takes for eco and genome collapse to unfold for people? I read in the Wall Street Journal today that 10 percent of cases of serious heart defects in children derive from de novo mutations they carry (which were not inherited from their parents). The same finding holds true for autism. More on these connections with citations in a day or so.

I suspect collapse will be accelerated by the major regional wars on our doorstep:

Japan has become alarmingly belligerent. Perhaps the fear of the death of Japan is being displaced outwards, aggressively. This suppression and displacement will surely accelerate the very death which is feared.

The US has become so fascistic that wars in the Middle-East will escalate and tolerance for dissent will decline rapidly domestically. That scenario will coincide with the US health collapse, which has been ongoing for years (as diabetes rates indicate) but will now rapidly accelerate with the massive nuclear contamination occurring from Fukushima, Hanford, San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, and other sites around the nation and world.

The door is closing now. I am (we are?) on the outside.

I recently quoted the lyrics of the pop song by Imagine Dragons, "I'm Radioactive." The song so captures a tenor in the culture. We know, but we don't want to see.

LYRICS "I'm Radioactive" See it here


I'm waking up to ash and dust

I wipe my brow but I sweat my rust

I'm breathing in the chemicals

chyeaaaaah!!!! ahhh.

I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus

This is it, the apocalypse


I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones

Enough to make my systems blow

Welcome to the new age, to the new age

Welcome to the new age, to the new age

Whoooohwhoa, whoooa, I'm radioactive, radioactive

Whoooohwhoa, whoooa, I'm radioactive, radioactive



  1. Pure Water posted this recent video from the Tepco webcam

    It looks to me as if red smoke is coming UP from somewhere out of view near where the purple glow stick can be seen at bottom and to the right of the large white crane.

    See discussion here

  2. Majia, I empathize. Fukushima is the death of the world, and the world is ignoring it. A whole lot of previously hidden truths become clear once we realize that -- truths about the nature of the forces that run the Earth with us as their deluded slaves. Truths about how the media, the government, scientists and military -- all those supposed to serve us -- lie, lie, lie, carpetbag, scrape our bones till no meat is left, destroy our Earth for greed and power. My children are grown, yet it is so wrenching to see the lives they cannot have. I feel for you and others who still have young children. I feel for those like ourselves who are dealing with looking at the truth head-on, and for those who are not and will be shocked and unprepared for what is coming.

    1. Thank you for your comment Gayla. I appreciate your thoughts.

  3. and thank you for sharing your vision Majia, there is a sad truth to it, which you have clearly identified in red - my heart is heavy, but the perception of truth is a light that cannot be turned off, in fact I think it gets brighter when we die: kindness to all beings


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