Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fukushima Daiichi Looks Bad This Morning

The TBS cam showed distortion for the last two hours. Finally an image is visible, barely. I've never seen this color scheme before. I have no idea why the view is yellow-orange:

That color scheme is new as far as I've seen on the TBS cam.

The Tepco cam imagery also indicates high radiation levels, as evidenced by the wavy-grainy-quality of the image, the visible steam emissions (particularly from the common spent fuel pool area), and the odd purple glow to the right of the red-and-white crane, situated on the right corner of unit 3, front-stage and below the looming building 4 in the background

Can you see the purple-orange light to the left of the looming building 4 structure?

Those colors were flickering quickly. I happened to get a good screen shot of full flam: