Friday, May 31, 2013

Daiichi Looks Calmer Today

Fukushima Daiichi looked much calmer today on both the TBS-JNN and Tepco cams.

Yesterday, a webcam watcher at Enenews, TimeMachine2020, posted that he saw a strange, white lightening phenomenon occurring on a piece of wreckage hanging from the large crane over unit 3, which was visible on the Tepco cam.

I checked and saw the phenomenon also. It was strange looking. It was as if the wreckage was producing white lightning that moved around the wreckage itself. It was impossible to capture screen shots of the phenomenon. The wreckage was long and thin in shape.

Maybe sequestering that wreckage produced the calm effect today?

One way or another, the halt of these steam events is welcome.

Tepco looks calm, although its radioactive aura clouds the view: