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Johnson and Johnson Risperdal Stimulates Lactation

Rockoff, J. D. & Lublin, J. S. (2013, May 10). J&J Balks on Deal to Settle U.S. Probe The Wall Street Journal, p. B1, B2.

[Excerpted] Johnson and Johnson and the Justice Department are close to settling a protracted investigation into the company's promotion of the antipsychotic Risperdal, for what would be one of the highest sums to date in a drug-marketing case, according to people familiar with the matter.

Majia here: J&J are the Justice Department are negotiating a payment of $1.5 billion minimum as a result of "illegal marketing" of drugs, especially Risperdal, another anti-psychotic called Invega, and the heart drug Natrecor. They are also accused of illegal kickbacks to Omnicare:

"J&J would avoid a felony charge that could prevent the health-products giant from selling its medicines to government health programs like Medicare, one person said."

Majia here: Apparently, J&J is a company without any scruples. They are the worst kind of parasites because they peddle drugs that can actually harm patients.

Risperdal is a dangerous drug that J&J marketed for off-label use in children, until approved for children by the equally corrupt FDA in 2007.

Dr. Joseph Biederman, a child psychiatrist at Harvard University, promoted use of the bipolar diagnosis for children, received $1.4 million in outside income from J&J (Harris “Research Center”).

The 40 percent increase in bipolar diagnoses in children and adolescents from 1994 to 2003 led to a fivefold increase in prescription rates for powerful antipsychotics, particularly Risperdal (generic risperidone) and similar agents (Carey “Bipolar”; Harris “Use of Antipsychotics”).

The WSJ article above (i.e., "J&J Balks") explains that in 2007 Risperdal was J&J's top selling product because it had been so extensively marketed for almost every psychiatric and neurological condition that exists, ranging from anxiety to autism, biopolar disorder to Alzheimer's. In 2007 J&J lost its patent, losing its monopoly of the then $2.2 billion in sales of the product.

Years ago I had all kinds of so-called physicians and child psychiatrists recommend Risperdal for my son. I read the experimental findings and said NO WAY would I ever put my kid on that drug.

The weight gain for a kid on Risperdal is 20 to 30 pounds a year.

Apparently, J&J Scum were well aware that Risperdal stimulates the hormone prolactin. Massive weight gain is a side effect, as is breast development in males.

The US Prosecutors want J&J to admit in its settlement that it played down risks from increased prolactin production. J&J doesn't want to do that because it will open the company to lawsuits.

I say the US Prosecutors need to stand firm on this one. J&J is a fallen company that deserves no mercy for endangering children.

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  1. High levels of prolactin are associated with autoimmune diseases such as arthritis and lupus:

    It also leads to cancer:

    Autistic subjects have too much serotonin. They are not psychotic. Risperidone leads to serotonin syndrome. It is incredible that this drug is being given to autistic children.


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