Sunday, May 12, 2013

Death Halo

Can you see the yellow-purple halo around the buildings?

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  1. Aloha Majia, please consider this article

    Kill List - Midwest
    Well if the President can have a Kill List, why can't the good guys have a Kill List.

    Here are the biggest nuclear threats in the Midwest. They are some of the oldest, growing up around Chicago and the famous Argonne National Lab who did open air experiments to intentionally make reactors go critical and explode. Seriously, Mr. Gunderson pointed that one out to me. See the video at the bottom for documentation of this "Experiment". Nuke plants can blow up like minor nuclear bombs, the proof is in the video. The pro-nukers hate this one.

    Here is the Midwest map and explanation.

    My kill list is, in order of priority, but will take any opportunistic weaknesses that present.

    Kewaunee – CONFIRMED KILL
    Palisades (Clunker with lots of problems run by Slumlord Entergy, on Lake Michigan)
    Lasalle (2 Boiling Water like Fuku, even a lightning strike just took them down)
    Cook (On Lake Michigan, 37 YO)
    Point Beach (on Lake Michigan, 41 YO, and huge uprate to 118%)
    Dresden (2 Boiling Water like Fuku, 41YO and huge uprate to 117%)
    Quad Cities (2 Boiling Water like Fuku, 39 YO and huge uprate to 117%)
    Monticello (Boiling Water like Fuku, 42 YO)


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