Friday, May 24, 2013

Codifying Experiences, Knowledge, Reflections

I started this blog in 2009 to express my concerns about the condition of humanity at that point in time. I have chronicled my reactions and research on the pressing issues: financial crisis; endless war; declining health; and environmental catastrophes.

I have described my fears about growing fascism and dispossession and the dangers these pose for our collective survival given the scope of the problems we face, having now destroyed our eco-system.

I wrote this blog to express these concerns and I found so many people across the world who share them also and who are motivated by the same values, which include: Love, Learning (striving to understand this world we live in) and Material/Spiritual Responsibility Towards the Collective Ecosystem (especially the people within it).

I know there are so many of us out there who hear the call.

Fukushima was the full alarm for many of us.

Many of us are now convinced that humanity faces imminent extinction if it does not act quickly to address and manage nuclear industries and waste, given their proven vulnerability to CATASTROPHIC accidents capable of raising 'background' radiation (including radiocesium, strontium, and plutonium) and lead in the environment to unprecedented levels for humanity.

Radiation poses very substantial risks that multiply across generations and echo through the human genome. Eating and drinking radioisotopes are both extraordinarily bad for your health and for the genome of humanity itself. Radiation produces micro-deletions in your DNA and these micro-deletions are being linked now to diseases such as autism, congenital heart diseases, and Parkinsons.

I thought I was educated until I spent the last two years researching this disaster and learning about genotoxins.

What I've learned is amazing and I hope to share it in the form of my book, which shall be published presently. My book chronicles the disaster, charts the conditions of its possibility, and describes what is known about probable health impacts. It is an academic version of the comments I've made in this blog and the research I've documented in my posts.

I think codifying individuals' experiences and ideas is very important because those thoughts document reality in a far more nuanced way than official histories ever will.

I've asked some people if I could re-post their comments. And I would like to invite my readers to share thoughts about what this disaster has meant to them personally and for the human race here (in the comment section and I will re-post).

For me personally: I think I've reached the acceptance stage where I see that our leaders and institutions are incapable of responding to imminent risks threatening humanity.

The inability to successfully mitigate the Fukushima disaster has revealed, more than all else, that we have engineered problems so big that we are incapable of addressing them.

And most of us are content to be led off the cliff because denial is so seductive when the problems are so scary and big.

The aware have probably always known humanity was 'fallen,' too likely to engage in destruction and violence.

How far will we fall this time now that global eco-system collapse is upon us?


  1. When I became aware that Fukushima has strong potential to make the entire Earth uninhabitable with the next big earthquake in Japan -- and when I saw that almost nobody was willing to look at the situation -- I knew we had no chance. With media and government collusion, Fukushima doesn't exist for most people. If people can't get motivated to look at reality and work together when Earth is threatened with destruction at any minute -- if they prefer not to know -- what hope can there be? Watching media and government lie, downplay, and ignore Fukushima has been instructive about the priorities of those who run the world -- get as much out of us for as long as possible and above all don't let us know we're on the way out.

  2. My plan for several years was to "at least" get to a sustainable, defensible domicile. It does seem that things are still trending the "wrong way" and no one wants to take their medicine.

    Prepare for the future, for you and your family. And as extra energy, resources, and money allows, help others to see the need to prepare and to change the existing corruption standard. And to kill nuke, always a good goal.

    2 down, 102 to go.

  3. I discovered Enenews via Washington's blog during the BP Gulf disaster: the image of someone with gaping wounds bleeding in the kitchen while the dinner party chattered on was excruciating - then came the explosions at Daiichi and the image of a demonic infected wound seeping & spewing for eternity... and the stupid dinner party continued! I was going quietly crazy at Christmas 2011, when finally in early 2012 Sen. Wyden went to Fukushima and started calling for "an international response" so we mobilized to support his initiative, to no avail...

    5/22/13, the policy of dumping contaminated water into the amniotic fluid of all life, the ocean, was quietly adopted (all the earlier press & discussion was just a PR ploy to frame the imminent policy, and anyway: it's been leaking into the Pacific since day one

    yes, the inevitable will happen! we don't deserve this gem of a planet, but that will soon be moot point - Cecile Pineda, author of 'Devil's Tango' has paraphrased Einstein: "Repeatedly expecting a sane response from those who are insane is an exercise in madness"

    bottomline, for the time that remains: be kind to all living beings

    trust is traction, and I trust Peter Dale Scott who ends an important recent essay

    "In terms of logical analysis, the likely prospect would seem to be the pessimistic one. But neither humans nor their history are wholly logical....

    "So it is from faith, rather than from logic, that I am committed to the optimistic prospect. I do so because of the rewards offered by that truth which, as Gandhi wrote, “is like a birth.”

    "And I do so from faith, because, to quote Gandhi yet again, “Just as the body cannot exist without blood, so the soul needs matchless and pure strength of faith.”

    and so I'm going out today to tag Monsanto as the evil spawn of the corporate death wish that it is, because I have heard the call: life is sacred and our place in it almost over, so there is no longer any reason or permission to temper the truth with dinner party etiquette

    mitakuye oyasin!

  4. First, thank you for your work.

    After fighting for a year and a half to bring Fukushima to more public attention, I am deeply pessimistic, or more probably, disillusioned. I shudder to think of the future, especially Japan's, then ours and everyone else's. But I became convinced one day that humanity would survive, albeit in a new world, one perhaps not so much to our liking. It will perhaps be a new world in which such concepts as interdependence and caring for others have a more visceral meaning, in which spiritual values are not a matter of choice. The Golden Age may not be what we envision.
    But the return of Love is certain.


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