Friday, May 10, 2013

Creating the Conditions for War

Majia here: War can be fought using weapons or currency. War can also be fought electronically. Electronic war may seem too futuristic and esoteric to have significant 'real world' consequences when in fact broad-scale electrical outages caused by cyber-attacks could destroy humanity within a short time period.

Nuclear power plants are particularly vulnerable to electrical disruptions. In this video, nuclear engineers Mr Arnie Gunderson and David Lochbaum discuss how vulnerable nuclear power plants are to electrical disruptions. Their analysis even addresses the many vulnerabilities of the "back-up" generators

Cyber-attacks aimed at disrupting electrical grids could produce nuclear plant meltdowns, including spent fuel pool fires.

The US infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber-attacks:

Nakashima, E. (2013, May 9) U.S. warns industry of heightened risk of cyberattack. The Washington Post,

[Excerpted] Senior U.S. officials have warned in recent months that foreign adversaries are probing computer systems that operate chemical, electric and water plants. But they are also increasingly concerned about the threat of a potentially destructive cyberattack.[end]

Majia here: The US  does nothing so well as destabilizing regions with coveted resources. The US excels at making enemies through the use of its military and financial weapons.

The US is vulnerable to cyber-attacks because it continues to manufacture enemies. The easiest way to reduce vulnerability to attack is to reduce the rage produced by the US imperial undertakings.

There is no doubt that the ruthless race for resources will destroy us all in the end unless we can find ways to cooperate for the good of everyone.


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