Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Very Ugly Fukushima Emissions

Must Watch Short Video of Emissions

NHK documentary Fukushima Daiichi Radiation: March to Recovery; Voices From 3/11 published August 12, 2012

According to Tepco’s estimates in June 2012, the plant continues to emit 10 million becquerels per hour 

Majia here: No doubt some days it is much higher!


  1. I'm beginning to think this is not emissions Majia.

    There are several things going on in this video.

    First I notice the large crane at Unit 4 moving around but seemingly not doing anything -diversion

    Second I notice a bunch of workers running around on top of what's left of Unit 4 - hard to say what they are doing, but one thing they are clearly working on is the refueling crane - which was moved back toward the north end of the structure when they tore the rest of the upper floors off. I can see two workers on top of the crane gantry, presumably repairing the lift mechanism. They need that crane for something.

    Third, I noticed the large crane at unit 3 working - It is actually doing something, but everytime it lifts something up, the smoke hides it.

    They've build an L-shaped screening wall in the space between Reactor 3 and Reactor 4. Look for it - it's new. They are lifting something out of #3 - either from the core or the SFP area and dropping it behind that screen.

    OK, time for wild James speculation: They are desperate to hide the fact that the MOX blew out of #3.

    You noticed yesterday that there was an announcement of Plutonium on the ground in several Japanese cities - and Gundersen immediately releases a statement saying he believes it came from the spent fuel pool .

    Trust me on this - if somebody claims the explosion from 3 was from the spent fuel pool, they are either ignorantly listening to someone who is lying, or they are lying.

    Arnie is not ignorant.

    The only concession I will make on that topic is this: I strongly suspect now that MOX was in the machinery or dryer pool of #4, ready to go into the core - and that's what blew up that building. It's possible that MOX was also in the machinery pool of #3 and it triggered the blast there too, because that end of the building is devastated. However even if it did, the core still had to eject to create the blast pattern we saw. An open top concrete box could not have created the pattern we saw.

    It was not a coincidence that Arnie made a statement. I've been informally noting the timing of his releases of information, and I can pretty much predict when one will come - which means they are being planned by a PR firm, not Arnie.

    If the public finds out the truth - nukes are dead. They can't let the public find out the truth.

    So I think they are secretly emptying the evidence of SPF3 and they are going to show it empty pretty soon to reinforce the claim it blew up.

    I don't think the smoke you see is emissions, because the workers are still on top of Unit 4 when it starts - they quit working when the big releases happen.

    I think the smoke is literally a smokescreen to keep you from seeing whatever they are doing at unit 3.


  2. I went back and watched it for awhile longer.

    They are definitely pulling stuff out of the rubble of Unit 3 in the vicinity of the spent fuel pool. They pick pieces of what looks like twisted metal out and drop it behind the screen I mention above. After they drop it, a large trackhoe drives from under the base of the vent tower and picks the item and does something with it, then the trackhoe returns to its waiting position under the vent tower.

    I bet the trackhoe is a manned machine and it has limited time to be exposed to the radiation.

    It's a very tedious process, but they do it all day long until they quit at 5 pm.

    I watched a few more - today - 8-23 starting around 9:30 or so, they installed two large devices on the refueling crane of unit 4. At first I thought it was a new hoist system, but then when they installed a second one it didn't make sense. I believe it might have actually been a set of lights - like stage lights or something.

    If so, they were huge lights. I guess if we see another nighttime blazing beacon from the top of #4, then we know what it is this time.


  3. James,

    Why would they be working so hard now, when they weren't a few months ago? Is the situation deteriorating or is it just that they want to create the illusion of progress?


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