Wednesday, August 1, 2012

India's Massive Blackout

2nd Day of Power Failures Cripples Wide Swath of India. The New York Times

[Excerpted] "More than half a billion people without power. Trains motionless on the tracks. Miners trapped underground. Subway lines paralyzed. Traffic snarled in much of the national capital...

...Theories for the extraordinarily extensive blackout across much of northern India included excessive demands placed on the grid from certain regions, due in part to low monsoon rains that forced farmers to pump more water to their fields, and the less plausible possibility that large solar flares had set off a failure...

...It was unclear how long it would take to restore power fully in areas still lacking it — or if the problem would recur this week...

Majia Here: I wonder if any nuclear power plants are experiencing "station blackout"

We seem to be living in an age of ongoing and imminent nuclear apocalypses now....

Notice how the article mentions a large solar flare as a possible source or contributor?

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  1. Was the plane crash in Russia just a beginning of a grand espionage game against India ?
    Who and what are the forces behind the the Nuclear protests in India ?
    Was the 2012 Indian Blackout caused by the infection of the virus attack on Iran's Nuclear facility or was it a directed attack on India ?
    Are these random events or is there conscious directed effort to block energy and technology in India ?

    India on the Grand Geopolitical Energy Chessboard


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