Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Majia here: The nuclear industry is unbelievably deceitful and the IAEA is populated by liars, as is Japan's NISA. Please read the evidence upon which I base these strong accusations:

Nuclear Safety Standards Conference: There's 'Much More To Be Done', IAEA Chief Urges Fredrik Dahl
[Excerpted] VIENNA, Aug 27 (Reuters) - Improving global nuclear safety after last year's Fukushima disaster must remain an urgent concern, despite improvements already made, the U.N. atomic agency chief said on Monday.

"Much work remains to be done and we must not relax our guard," said Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, at the start of an IAEA-hosted conference aimed at enhancing international standards to prevent any repeat of Japan's reactor meltdowns....

Amano said "significant progress has been made in several key areas" after the adoption of an IAEA safety action plan last year, including assessments of safety vulnerabilities of nuclear power plants and improvements in emergency preparedness....

Some nations criticised the IAEA plan, approved six months after the Fukushima accident, for recommending voluntary steps instead of mandatory measures.

A senior Japanese official, Shinichi Kuroki, later briefed the conference about conditions at Fukushima, saying the reactors were stable but that decommissioning posed challenges.

Fukushima "is not in a position where we expect any further accidents," said Kuroki, deputy director general of Japan's nuclear and industry safety agency, NISA...

The reactors are "being cooled off in a stable manner" and there is "containment of further radioactivity emitted", he added. [end excerpt]


I've been watching the plant for the last few days and emissions are nearly continuous.

I've posted links to video clips from the camcorders at the plant that document ongoing emissions.

Experts have acknowledged the ongoing nature of emissions.

Keep in mind what Nuclear Professor Hiroaki Koide said publicly recently about emissions:

Atomic Age Symposium II: Fukushima, May 5, 2012 – Session III Roundtable (August 22, 2012) Published by: University of Chicago At 9:00 in Hiroaki Koide, nuclear reactor specialist and Assistant Professor at Kyoto University’s Nuclear Research Institute: 

[Excerpted] I think you saw some pictures of the Fukushima power plants today, and what you saw there is that it’s got huge stacks, smoke stacks, and there’s stuff coming out of that, and that there’s radiation coming out of that on a daily basis.

There’s also radioactive material in fluid form coming out from the water that is released in trying to keep the radioactive material cool.

Hat Tip Enenews Japan Nuclear Professor: Fukushima smoke stacks releasing radiation on a daily basis (VIDEO)

Majia here: Also keep in mind that Tepco admitted to millions of becquerels of radiation being released hourly:

NHK documentary Fukushima Daiichi Radiation: March to Recovery; Voices From 3/11 published August 12, 2012
According to Tepco’s estimates in June 2012, the plant continues to emit 10 million becquerels per hour 

Majia here: And this morning Kyodo is reporting problem at the reactors:

Fukushima reactors briefly did not get enough coolant water: TEPCO. August 30, 2012 Kyodo:

[Excerpted] The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant said Thursday that the amount of water injected into the crippled Nos. 1 to 3 reactors temporarily dropped below the level regarded as necessary to keep the fuel inside cool.
Hat tip: Enenews:

Majia here: Although Tepco is reporting that water levels are now back at a "safe" level, the sheer volume of radioactive steam emissions indicate that keeping pieces of melted corium still in the building cool is an ongoing challenge.

Many observers have suggested that much of the steam is coming from parts of melted corium that have melted below the plant into the ground water.

See Enenews: Japan Nuclear Expert: Melted fuel may have gone through cement floor and into ground under Fukushima reactors — I don’t believe Tepco’s claim for one second — Where in the world is it? (VIDEO)
"The problem right now is not figuring out what the cause of the explosion [at Unit 3] is, but where in the world is the melted nuclear material that is in the plant right now?"

Atmospheric, ocean and ground-water contamination are ONGOING and there appears to be no resolution in site.

The ongoing nature of atmospheric, ocean, and ground-water contamination have led some to ask whether Fukushima constitutes an ELE. I've addressed this question here:


  1. Here's the bottom line Majia.

    These are dishonest people. They are ruthless. They are money hungry.

    And they don't care about the truth.

    If you are an honest person; if you care about others; if you care about the truth - then you will not compete with them.

    This unfortunately is not a world where the good guy wins. The good guy gets moved out of his home and his children get cancer.

    Until someone is willing to go toe-to-toe with the dishonest people, then nothing is going to change.

    However, dishonest people will change their tune instantly when they see their power and livelihood is at stake. Politicians will drop nuclear power in an when they see it threatens their political status.

    I believe there are only three avenues to make that happen.

    1. Public protest and pressure - which has proven effective in Japan recently and Germany. It has to come from a series of messages that compel the people to know more of the truth and be curious about it. We don't have them now - we have Arnie - who has been co opted - and i think it's possible Busby and Caldecott have been silenced as well.

    2. Legal action - which I think will be ineffective, because the industry owns the politicians who seem to be able to selectively apply law enforcement and court action.

    3. Online blogs and truth finding - ineffective so far. It feels effective because we are in the middle of it, but honestly, it's not working well.

    4. Radical actions - which I don't condone, haven't thought about, and hope are not required.

    i believe the strategy must change. Right now Obama's handlers have to be terrified that this nuke truth comes out in the election. There is a window of opportunity, but quite frankly I don't see anyone organized to walk through it


  2. Hey Majia,
    Look at this evening's series of headlines over at Enenews on Fukushima. Notice who's putting out some really soft information... Wow.

    Another interesting thing, last week, I picked up in the comments of one of the major news organizations I was reading about an "operation fresh aire" (or something like that) that is some kind of group that is preparing October surprise materials to flood the internet with information about nuclear radiation dangers and Fukushima details prior to the US presidential election.

    Today I can't find a trace of it - maybe it was nothing, or somebody was floating a trial ballon. I can't figure out if it's another misinformation bit, or legitimate. If true, I'd like to find out who's behind it.

    Have you heard of anything like that?

    1. I don't know about "operation fresh aire", but I do know about "operation faire winds", aka Enenews. "It's a teeny weeny bit worse than Chernobyl" and all that bs.

    2. Yeah, Bobby1,

      I saw a significant change at Enenews sometime between September last year and January.

      The shills there all the sudden became mainstream contributors and at the same time they started referring to Arnie all the time.

      Also, the news reporting there seemed to follow much more closely the Tepco press release schedule and agenda.

      Since then it's been Gundersen's mouthpiece.

      Notice they no longer report on emissions or activity or any actual data - it's all press release kinds of things.

      The final straw for me was when admin started editing my posts when I would point out inconsistencies with Arnie's story. They couldn't afford for their investment in Arnie to go bad.

      At the same time they began seriously restricting the cam views and now those are a joke too.

      You'll notice Busby is releatively quiet. Caldecott is now ineffective and I notice recently Nuckelchen is sidelined. This is not a coincidence, it means their money is one-by-one mowing them down. At least those individuals have the scruples to be silent rather than working for the industry.

      It's no longer about getting the truth out. We know the truth. And we know the lies about the truth. Learning or publishing more and more evidence of the lies is not really useful.

      It's time to force prosecution on the liars.

  3. Majia,

    Seems like you aren't paying attention to the comments section of your blog.

    Several times I've asked for response and no follow-up. One of the things about my observations it that I need some interaction in order to keep providing input - otherwise the site feels a bit hollow.


  4. Sorry James
    I've been very crazy with the kids back in school and me back teaching---long days on campus and I cannot access my blog there.

    Also trying to finish a manuscript...


  5. James

    Someone suggested the site may have been sold.

    I think the worst issue recently is the sidelining of Nuckelchen.

    I know that other people had their posts edited as well. That is very odd.

    However, Heart is still there and some others who make strong assertions, albeit carefully.

    Recently the comments there have been rather dull and the community seems ready to turn on itself because of frustration with the lack of any kind of resolution of the disaster.

    I agree that Caldicott and Busby have been very quiet and that is worrying.

    I'm trying to get my book on Fukushima published. I've decided to go with amazon publishing if the academic publisher it is with right now declines.

    I hope to stir things up again.

  6. Thanks Majia, I admire your will to keep moving forward, and I can appreciate being busy with your family. That's probably the most important thing for you to do right now.

    I'm pretty sure you are correct the site changed hands. I certainly hope the owner got something significant out of it. I never knew who exactly owned it. I know it was somebody in one of the mountain states and I saw the name at one time.

    Nuckelchen moving on is really troubling. I know his computer got hacked a couple times and it seemed like the shills were learning how to get under his skin. . I'm sure somebody gave him a pretty strong message to stop, but quite honestly there's not much in the cam views to see anymore.

    I knew Caldecott was compromised as soon as she started touring the country for "physicians for social responsibility" which is a pro-nuke organization disguised as anti-nuke - and her message got completely watered down as a result.

    Busby seems to have gone almost completely silent. He still feels the same way, but you aren't seeing him interviewed anywhere, you aren't seeing him produce anything.

    I've been mapping leverage points for the nuclear agenda. I think one of them is that there are quite a few insiders who are somewhat dismayed and disgruntled. I think if we reached the tipping point, they would come out of the woodwork.

    Also, I think the battleground is the US west coast: Washington, Oregon and California.

    One problem is the citizens of those states were intentionally brainwashed on the AGW agenda. It started out as an interesting theory, and then jumped to a rallying cry for whatever convenient thing they needed. The greenies bought it lock, stock and barrel and didn't realize, it wasn't based on fact, other than it was a meme that allowed them to be controlled.

    They did exactly the same thing with "terrorism".

    Want to walk all over people's constitutional rights and track people's communication domestically? "Terrorism makes us do it." Want to throw them in jail and hold them without charges or trial? "They might be a future terrorist". Want to spend a huge chunk of money on "airport security" and get X-ray documentation of every american who travels by air? "TSA is a necessary evil to prevent terrorism" Want to invade a country for no reason? "They are no doubt harboring terrorists" and on and on.

    These are sophisticated plots and they won't go away easily. Somehow we've got to get the greenies off the programmed agenda (global warming or climate change) and onto the factual agenda.

    We must counteract the nukes in those 3 states, and pretty soon the house of cards will come down. .


  7. I agree with you that the west coast is key.

    San Onofre has been a big wake up call in California and there are many wealthy people with loud voices in LA and Orange County who are probably alarmed by the recent problems there.

    The people in Oregon are incredibly vocal with their anti-nuclear sentiments. I find it interesting that they seem the most vocal and grassroots of all the states. Go Oregonians!

    I think the issue of tritium is an important one for getting local communities organized and resistant since tritium contamination is ONGOING from nuclear plants and has been proven to cause genetic damage.

    When my life settles down I plan to post a lot more about tritium but I'll be pretty busy for the next two weeks.

    I am very concerned that the perfect storm I mentioned may result in a more rapid assault against free speech rights ...


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