Friday, August 17, 2012

Nuclear Madness Delivers Conditions for Delivering Western Prophecy

Aging nuclear plants in Europe and the United States are reporting unplanned shutdowns and problems:

Nuclear power plants are incredibly vulnerable to a wide array of disruptive phenomena.

1. First, the Fukushima disaster demonstrates conclusively that nuclear power plants are vulnerable to earthquakes. The Santa Anna earthquake damage to the Santa Anna nuclear power plant demonstrates the vulnerability of nuclear power plants on the US east coast to earthquakes. These plants were not designed to withstand earthquakes.

Earthquake activity has been rising in areas not typically prone to frequent quakes, perhaps because of fracking (

For example, the Limerick nuclear power plant is vulnerable to an earthquake because it is located in close proximity to two faults (

2. Second, earthquakes on the US west coast are a given and yet Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant literally sits on a fault right next to the ocean on the California coastline. 

The San Onofre plant, which has a terrible safety record and a documented history of censoring whistleblowers, also sits immediately adjacent to the ocean.

Both of these nuclear power plants are mega disasters waiting to happen. 

It is doubtful that the tsunamis alone were responsible for the meltdowns. The loss of power played a vital role and earthquakes disrupt power supplies, as well as damaging nuclear power infrastructures:

Panel doubts TEPCO claim tsunami caused nuke accident. Asahi. BY AKIRA SATO ASAHI SHIMBUN WEEKLY AERA

"Yotaro Hatamura, a professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo and chair of a government panel looking into the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant accident, says the March 11 quake, not the ensuing tsunami, caused the disaster. (Mari Endo)..."

San Onofre Power Plant Operated For Decades With Vulnerable Backup Power

3. Aging nuclear power plants in the US are being pushed to produce more by uprating, which increases the probability of an accident

4. Viruses targeting nuclear power plants engineered by the US and Israel - Stuxnet and Flame - may possibly have been turned against its creators (

Links on role of US and Israel in creating these viruses 

Russia has stated publicly that Stuxnet could produce a new Chernobyl
Russia says Stuxnet could have caused new Chernobyl

Documentation that Stuxnet has infected US nuclear power plants

5. We are approaching a peak in solar activity that could disrupt power grids and yet US nuclear reactors do not have reliable back up systems

Video: nuclear engineers Mr Arnie Gunderson and David Lochbaum discuss how vulnerable nuclear power plants are to electrical disruptions. Their analysis even addresses the many vulnerabilities of the "back-up" generators

An extensive and sustained power outage will result in nuclear meltdowns and spent fuel pool fires across the country and will kill off the entire population. No survivalist protection will suffice unless you are deep underground.

It seems a tragic irony that we have engineered the conditions for the biblical end of days because of our greed, our corruption and our arrogance.

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