Thursday, August 2, 2012

Genetically Modified Crops Ruin Tires

Majia Here: This story is so strange and disturbing that I had to post it.

The Wall Street Journal reports on Aug 1, 2012, p. B1 "Genetically Modified Tires" by Bob Tita

[Excerpted] "High yielding, genetically modified crops have transformed the economics of US farming but... their tougher stalks are puncturing tires and standing farm equipment in the field."

Majia here: Corn and soybean farmers are finding that their GM crops' stalks are so tough that they damage tires at an unprecedented rate. So, tire suppliers for farm equipment are recommending tires with four layers of Kevlar for farm equipment.

4 layers of Kevlar!!!

Kevlar is what is used in military helmets and bulletproof vests!

The FDA claims that genetically modified crops are essentially identical to the non-genetically modified versions.

I think that this example of ruined tires demonstrates pretty conclusively that the GM crops are NOT IDENTICAL.

What are the health implications of crops so tough that farm equipment must be specially equipped with tires with 4 layers of Kevlar?

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