Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fukushima Emissions August 2012

August 4 (as noted on Tepco webcam; 8/3 in US) Fukushima emissions visible on the Tepco webcam were bad.

The site was swathed in a yellowish, highly pixillated fog that almost seemed to vibrate. I took screen shots.

August 9 in St Louis, US (8/10 in Japan) Potrblog detected 3000 cpm from a rain sample, which was 91X background. They took the sample because their air detection system issued an alert

I checked the upper jet stream map and St Louis was under the jet stream at this point in time.

The 6 day lag between the emissions I noted on the webcam on 8/4 (Japan Time) and the detection in St Louis 8/9 (US Time) accords within the time range I've noted previously for radioactive emissions to be carried on the jet stream to North America.

Before the EPA stopped posting real-time beta data, I would correlate activity at the Fukushima plant with EPA radnet real-time beta readings across the country.

West coast readings could spike as soon as 4 days after a major event at Fukushima if the jet stream conditions were right.

Today is August 11 in the US (8/12 in Japan). I see THE SAME emissions at the plant that I viewed on 8/3.

The emissions on 8/3 eventually peaked in an almost total eclipse of the buildings.

So far, today's emissions haven't matched that extent. Yet.

I suspect that radiation readings under the jet stream in North America will spike again in 4-8 days.

People should monitor the jet stream and avoid precipitation correlated with its presence overhead.

This is a very unscientific assemblage of factual data and my inference that the high Potrblog readings are attributable to Fukushima cannot be proven without more systematic lab analysis.

However, we must conduct our own observations and draw our own conclusions because our governments are unwilling to conduct and share the results of more systematic analysis.


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  1. thankyou majia for your continuing efforts to inform the people , They dont realize what this disaster will do to them in the future .


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