Friday, August 3, 2012

Fukushima Emissions Look Alarming on Tepco Webcam

What is happening at the Fukushima plant?

The Tepco webcam has been moved and is now focused on the plant from a different angle.
 I've been watching from the new view all day.

What I've seen has been some alarming convergence of gas-steam-smoke for the last 12 hours.

Nuckelchen took a screen shot

I've taken screen shots also, but don't have any way of posting. (I'm too technologically challenged to figure that out right now)

How bad is this going to get?

There appears to be NO CONTROL at the plant.


  1. Very strange things going on there. The radiation has made it to America. The blue clouds have been growing lately around the USA. They glow and stay in the same place. They have increased lately. You can see them on NOAA radar.
    They have been around for months. I have some videos on Youtube also under strange clouds. Ck them out. Marty Young, Coventry, ct.

  2. With the inconsistency of the webcam image - the fact that they manipulate the tones, color things out, blur the image, move the image, shake the image, put real and fake plants, trees and cranes in the way, physically build walls and tents and cover up damaged areas so they aren't visible, photoshop the stuff they don't want you to see - it's impossible to tell if these releases are worse than the previous ones.

    It also is obviously pretty bad if, despite all of the above, we can still see how bad it is, and we can.

    I remember the first big steam/smoke event in June of 2011 and how shocked we all were to see it.

    I remember the first time I heard reference to "open criticality" and I was dumbfounded that it was possible - knowing it's only happened a few times (that they will admit) in history prior to Fukushima.

    These are daily occurrences today.

    How long will it go on? Until the fuel burns enough to where criticality is no longer possible, and it drops down to it's normal, highly radioactive, state. I suspect it's impossible to predict how long that will be, because no one knows the configuration of the fuel.

    It could end tomorrow - but I think that's highly unlikely given there are clearly several concurrent sources of criticality. On the top end, I suspect the criticality could remain for a decade or more. One thing is for certain in my mind: that they have virtually no control over the situation at Fukushima.

    The most telling signs of the condition of the fuel are the videos nuckelchen did where he colorized the reactions and you could clearly see the criticality "jumping" from a single location on the site to another, then another and another. Unless he fabricated those videos, or I was completely misinterpreting them, what we were seeing was atomic particles in a state of extreme excitement jumping hundreds of feet and lighting off other fuel sources into a critical state.

    Which blew another myth that I was led to believe prior to Fukushima - that it was difficult to achieve criticality - that you had to have precisely calculated moderators to control the particle interactions - and that's apparently all BS too.

    When I saw that video, I was genuinely frightened that the criticality might possibly jump a few km's over to Diani and beyond - for which we have no way to monitor independently - but I'm sure the authorities would keep us fully informed if such a thing occurred...


  3. James,

    Remember in March 2011, Tepco reported neutron beams were detected 1.5 km away from the plant. This is likely still going on. Maybe they can travel the 7 miles to Daini, I don't know.

    Neutron radiation will make the corium more radioactive. Perhaps this is the reason for the increasing criticalities. Iodine-131 is rising again.


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