Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mainichi: Gov't to decontaminate areas with radiation exposure of 5 millisieverts or more per year

Mainichi: Gov't to decontaminate areas with radiation exposure of 5 millisieverts or more per year

"if 100 percent of the designated areas were to be decontaminated, the amounts of radioactive soil and other materials to be removed would reach 28.785 million cubic meters, which would fill the Tokyo Dome stadium 23 times. Of the estimated total amounts of soil and other materials to be removed, 1.02 million cubic meters comes from residential and urban areas, 17.42 million cubic meters from farmland, and 8.75 million cubic meters from forests. The total area is 2,419 square kilometers, which is equal to about 17 percent of Fukushima Prefecture"

Mainichi: "Residents near Fukushima nuclear plant make own radiation map, clean contaminated areas"
The council has also published a radiation map that is twice as precise as the one released by the government, making it the most up-to-date and detailed radiation map available for the area...
radiation levels in all inspected locations were measured at 0.25 to 4.62 microsieverts, but with the exception of mountains and forests in the western part of the prefecture, radiation was comparatively low."

Majia here: I am rather skeptical of the 2nd story on the residents' map because the story essentially states that radiation levels were below 5 millisieverts a year "in all inspected locations," which is inconsistent with the top story above about government clean-up efforts in areas of 5 millisieverts a year or more.

However, this NHK story takes all for unrealistic optimisim:
NHK: Fukushima reactors cooled below 100 degrees

Reactors 1 and 3 are most definitely nowhere near 100 degrees. The lower readings probably reflect the fact that the fuel is no longer contained in the reactor pressure vehicle
'Melt-through' at Fukushima? / Govt report to IAEA suggests situation worse than meltdown

Enenews is reporting via Fukushima Diary of extremely high radiation readings at the plant
Confessions of a workers’ discovery of 10,000 mSv yet! After another refused work (Google Translation), Gendai isMedia, September 24, 2011:

Furthermore, Fukushima Diary has been reporting about the hydrogen gas being produced at the plant

Also see Blogger Ex-SKF Tuesday, September 27, 2011
#Radiation Map by Ministry of Education: Gunma Looks Worse Than Expected

I have posted quite a bit on the melt-throughs reported at the plant

and the spiking levels of iodine in May and June pointed to re-criticalities:

I want the situation to be contained as much as anyone does but I don't think lying about the situation is going to help resolve it.

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