Friday, September 16, 2011

Al Jazeera: Asia's Nuclear Addiction

"Asia's nuclear addiction: Despite Japan's Recent Disaster, Indonesia Is Powering Ahead With Nuclear Energy, Building its First Power Plant."
Majia paraphrasing: Despite being situated in the Ring of Fire and suffering notable tsunamis, Indonesia is going to build a nuclear power plant. In 2007 the government was forced by protests to halt development of a nuclear power plant.

Article on this development can also be found here

My question is which companies are going to sell Indonesia the plants? Westinghouse? General Electric? Russian companies?
My question is what incentives were structured by the IMF, World Bank, or other entity to ensure that Indonesia builds nuclear plants?
My question is what kickbacks were put in play to ensure that Indonesian officials implemented nuclear power plants?

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  1. And to kill thousands of children, women and men in Libya, the UNO has t-elle asked the opinion of the others ?


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