Friday, September 16, 2011

"Japan Goes to War" ???

hat tip Whoopie at Enenews

I agree strongly with Bob Nichols assessment with the situation, but disagree that this ongoing mega disaster is an implicit declaration of war.

It is true that the Fukushima reactors remain out of control and are spewing radiation daily, which is now being directed via scaffolding and tents higher up into the air in order that the radiation be carried elsewhere, namely the North American west coast.

Radiation levels on the US and Canadian west coast are not negligible and

Cancer risks and other diseases will rise across North America, although radiation levels are not high enough to produce "overt" symptoms of acute radiation poisoning (which now appears to be happening in Japan as monitored and reported by blogger Ex-SKF and Fukushima Diary

However, this situation is not an act of war by the Japanese people.

Rather, it is an act of greed and corruption executed and implemented by Tepco, the Japanese Government, the global nuclear industry, the complicit US, Canadian and Mexican governments, the UN (most recently) and every vested interest involved in this clusterfuck.

The decisions to "hide" the scope of the disaster, to avoid adequate evacuation and testing, to lie about accumulating radiation contamination are equivalent to "war crimes," but the responsible actors are the most difficult kinds of criminals to prosecute because they hide under the guise of "legitimate" authorities.

The victims are dispersed globally, although namely the Japanese people and secondarily people all over the world who will be exposed to Fukushima radiation through air, water, food, etc.

The solution to this CRIME is pubic activism against these corrupt corporate and governmental entities everywhere. The solution is public activism demanding TRANSPARENCY and COLLECTIVE COOPERATION solving this terrible situation.

We will not win this "war" with military action.

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