Thursday, September 15, 2011


Round and round the numbers go, where they will stop, no one knows...

Majia writes:

Japan Times reported on August 27 that Fukushima’s “Cesium Leak Equal to 168 '45 A-Bombs.”[i]

As of September 2011, the situation at Fukushima continues to worsen. Dr. Chris Busby reported on the Russian television network RT on August 17 that air filters from Tokyo are showing levels of Cesium-137 that are 1000 times higher than the levels of that radionuclide found in the air at the peak of atmospheric atomic weapons testing in 1963.[ii]

Busby also stated that plant emissions were reported to the Japanese Prime Minister by Tepco to be 10 to the 13 becquerels per hour.[iii]

Likewise, during an interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott broadcasted online on in September of 2011, Arnie Gunderson stated that he had been told that Fukushima was currently emitting a gigabecquerel per day (gigabecquerel or GBq 109 Bq), in radiation, which he described as over 2 billion decays per second a day.[iv]

This radiation is contaminating Japan and the entire northern hemisphere as it is swept away by the Jet Stream

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  1. There are many (international) newspapers which - about Fukushima - grades that 'anything goes' and by the iodine has a duration of life for a week or the americinium contained in some devices in homes, and that would be 'safe'!
    They seek to muddying and Walnut citizens in false measurements made with non-Geiger counters.


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