Thursday, September 8, 2011

Poisoning Humanity

Japan is not testing food systematically for radiation.

High levels of fast decaying radioactive isotopes such as Iodine-131 are still being found many miles from Fukushima. This means that fission is still occurring at the plant (or at some other censored plant disaster). Enenews Reports:
Iodine-131 now being detected in large amounts almost 200 km from Fukushima meltdown

Potrblog has this to say about the recent Iodine finding:

“Taken together, the data is indicative of Coruim entering the ground water, becoming re-critical, and inducing the release/production of large amounts of Radon 222. The associated detections of extremely large quantities of Radon Daughters in the radioactive fallout raining down on North America are likely indicators of harder to detect longer half life fallout in the same rainfall.

Radiation contamination is now bio-accumulating in people in Japan, as illustrated by this very sad story posted by blogger Ex-SKF
Amount of Radioactive Cesium in Urine Increased in a Boy Who Remained in Fukushima   From Jiji Tsushin (9/7/2011):


“A citizen's group (
福島老朽原発を考える会) announced the result of the second testing of the 10 children in Fukushima City and other locations whose urine had been tested 2 months earlier. In one child who did not evacuate from Fukushima, the amount of radioactive cesium didn't decrease but increased slightly.”

Radiation Levels continue to be abnormally high in central regions of the US, parts of the northern Midwest, Texas,  and Virginia.

Plus radiation contamination is being found in US food, as documented by the respectable Michael Collins of Environews in this interview with Jeff Rense

And in the wake of the largest nuclear disaster in all of human history, US utilities hope to run their aging nuclear plantsdecades longer than envisioned(WSJ “Nuclear Backlash Energizes Old Plants 9/8/2011 p. A1)

We are in the worst nuclear disaster of all time, humanity itself may be threatened, and no lessons have been learned other than how to exercise a near total media blackout on the realities unfolding.
Each case of leukemia and cancer, each birth defect, each cardio-vascular disease caused by this disaster will be represented as private individualized tragedies.

The scope of the disaster has been veiled from the public view in order that the public not rise up in rage against those poisoning them.

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