Wednesday, September 21, 2011

US Expands War on Africa

WSJ “U.S. Expands Drone Flights to Take Aim at East Africa” 9/21/2011 p. A1
“The US military is deploying a new force of armed drones to eastern Africa in an escalation of its campaign to strike militant targets in the region and expand intelligence on extremists, official said.”

MAJIA HERE: FIRST, The US is engaging in acts of war if it attacks nations with drones.
Second, it is a war that was not approved by congress.

Third, drones are known provocateurs because they often hit and kill unarmed civilians.
Just what the hell is going on here?

Are resources like oil and exotic earths so rare that the US is going to wage war on the planet on behalf of wealthy consumers and corporations?

I want out of this game. I do not believe in attacking nations with "drones."
I believe that the entire “war on terror” has been fabricated through US actions (thereby producing terrorists) and through outright lies.

I believe in peace, in justice, and in individual liberty. I am sorry that my nation has violated these basic values.

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