Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cutting Funding for Our Most Vulnerable Citizens

 The Washington Post: "Autism treatment benefits could be jeopardized by federal health law provision"

This Washington Post article examines proposed changes in the federal health legislation that would change private insurance mandates for covering autism treatments. 

I personally do not think private insurance should be forced to cover speech, OT, and cognitive and behavioral therapy for children with autism.

I feel this should be a responsibility of the federal government under a variety of federal acts including
The Education for the Handicapped Act (EHA) (P.L. 94-142)

and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

I've seen how sensory integration therapy (OT), speech therapy, and well-designed cognitive-behavioral therapy can transform small children with autism, enabling them to live happy and socially productive lives.

Financial calculi and constraints should not dictate the availability and quality of therapeutic programs for children and adults with disabilities.

We as a society need to support our most vulnerable members and we will be a healthier and more resilient people if we act together to ensure our most vulnerable members' welfare.

Private insurance is not the answer. Nor should funding be left to the states. The federal government should assume responsibility for our vulnerable children and adults.

I reject the premise that only war and financial banksters deserve federal government spending and support.

Government derives its legitimacy from its ability to promote social welfare.

Our government's war on the developing world and upon our own poor and vulnerable fails to promote social welfare.

Let us assume responsibility for our government and re-direct its energies productively toward promoting the common good, rather than destroying it.

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