Monday, September 26, 2011

On Radiation Released...

Asahi is reporting on the amount of radiation released for Cesium and Iodine-131. However, I do not  believe these numbers because it is very difficult to know with certainty how much radiation was (is still) released over the LAST 6 MONTHS in air and water.

Plus,the Japanese government has a vested interest in keeping totals low enough that the numbers look survivable.

I think everyone should read the Fukushima Diary post I just linked.

Anyway here is the Ashai story: "Fukushima accident released far more cesium than Hiroshima bombing" August 27

"The radioactive cesium-137 released by the accident at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant was about 168.5 times the amount emitted by the Hiroshima atomic bomb, according to documents released on Aug. 26 by the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA).

"The amount of iodine-131 was 2.5 times that released at Hiroshima, the same documents said.

"However, a NISA official said it was not possible to make a "simple comparison of effects" based on the amount of radiation emitted...."

 MAJIA HERE: All these efforts to quantify the radiation released reflect the human desire to impose order on the catastrophe and to reduce uncertainty by having a model that allows humans to calculate the various "risk scenarios."

However, to reiterate, the truth is that the amount of radiation released is probably impossible to calculate and it grows daily because the plant continues to spew. 

Hirose Takashi wrote  (2010) Genshiro Jigen Bakudan – Daijishin ni Obieru Nihonretto (Nuclear Reactor Time Bomb – The Japanese Archipelago under the Danger of Great Earthquakes) (Diamond).

There is an interview with Taksahi available here at the Asia Pacific Journal

Takashi is quoted describing the disaster scenario he envisioned as threatening Japan in his 2010 book:

“If you ask, “Will Japan still be here in ten years?” I have the evil foreboding that the answer might be, “There is a very strong chance that it will not” . . . . In the future there awaits an unknowable, vast dark age. I don’t want to contemplate its form, but it is the fear of a genpatsu shinsai syndrome brought about by movements of the earth that no human knowledge can control"

Takashi's fear that an earthquake would lead to nuclear meltdowns has been realized. Now he remarks on the normalcy bias that afflicts the Japanese people in the wake of this mega-disaster:

He writes: "even though now that the genpatsu shinsai syndrome has actually occurred, the people of Japan seem not to have grasped the nature of the crisis. Unbelievably, though anyone who looks can see that the situation is getting worse day by day, television and the other media keep repeating “there is no crisis”, “There’s nothing to worry about” over and over, and show no inclination to report the critical nature of what is happening at Fukushima Daiichi....

In the past, on television only scholars who are proponents of nuclear power have given commentary as “experts”. We listened to them telling their fantastic lies and offering their impossibly optimistic predictions, and as a result the people, having been given none of the facts, have gone on living as normal right up to the edge of the collapse. Now everything the “experts” told us has proved wrong, and the worst has happened...

Majia Here: Our unwillingness to confront reality enables elites to succeed with their lies. We all will suffer as a result.

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