Saturday, September 17, 2011


Watch the video. His analysis is right on.

I don't know about his solution. I don't know if voting directly by all the people would solve the problem of slow collapse.

However, the important point is that Celente offers a non-violent way to really influence legislative policy.

The challenge will be, as it already is, how to get the issues on the table.

I've been very active letter writing on specific issues, ranging across Gaza policy, mining in the Grand Canyon, to Fukushima.

My opinion clearly never counts unless the candidate is already consistent with my preferred policy path.

So, getting the issues in legislative form will be the challenge if political officials still benefit from wealthy donors.

However, I think it important also to listen to the question posed to Celente during the interview: [paraphrase] "Do you believe enough in the wisdom of the people to support the just cause? Fascists have been elected..."

and Majia notes that has even occurred here...

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