Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fukushima China Syndrome

MAJIA HERE: There is considerable ongoing discussion at the present time about an evolving China Syndrome situation at Fukushima.

[Link to evidence of recriticality]

Yesterday Enenews published some excerpts from an interview by Mainichi news with Hiroaki Koide, an assistant professor at Kyoto's University Research Reactor Institute. Prof Koide has probably compromised his career by publicly stating that he thinks it possible for "massive amounts of radioactive materials to be released into the environment again"

Here are the links for the story at Mainichi and the story's excerpts at Enenews. Commentators discussion at Enenews of what this means is intriguing.

Radiation expert says outcome of nuke crisis hard to predict, warns of further dangers september 9 2011
Dr. Koide: Massive amounts of radioactivity may again be released from Fukushima — Mentions “steam explosion” after melted fuel hits water

One commentator (Tacomagroove) at Enenews provided this link to an image of the China Syndrome process

It seems clear to me that no one really knows what is going to happen. Humanity is in uncharted, dangerous territory.

Tepco and the Japanese and US governments may have constructed various probable scenarios, but they are not sharing the information they have to the public so even educated experts who understand nuclear engineering and physics are left making educated guesses.

Potrblog is one of those educated experts (in my opinion based on his comments) who offers an educated guess:
[China Syndrome ALERT] Fukushima Nuclear Fission Hit Ground Water on August 11: Detected in Saint Louis on August 20

[excerpted] This video describes the August 11 "China Syndrome" nuclear melt-through event in Fukushima Japan, and the resultant fallout detection on August 20th in Saint Louis, Missouri.

The described cause is fissioning nuclear fuel from a Fukushima reactor melting into the ground; striking Radon laden ground water; releasing a large amount of radioactive fallout which was detected all along the North American jetstream... 
see his video at the link above

MAJIA HERE: What is outrageous about this situation is that Fukushima's radiation knows no boundaries. Fukushima's radiation is an equal opportunity killer that operates without selectivity (beyond simple biological vulnerability).
So, given that Fukushima radiation is a potentially global problem, and certainly a northern hemisphere catastrophe, why is it that only a few select individuals are privy to the knowledge that has been gleaned from the mechanics/dynamics of this ongoing catastrophe.
Why is it that only a few decision makers get to decide what is done or not done?
Why is it that only a few gatekeepers get to decide what information is leaked slowly to the press so that only inconsequential information is shared with the wider global public about a catastrophe that impacts us all?
Humanity is one and our collective DNA is at risk by this genetic deforming catastrophe so why are we not demanding a more democratic, open, and TRANSPARENT discussion of the nature of the disaster and the alternatives for managing its effects?
Please, if you are reading this, contact your elected representatives and relevant government officials and demand transparency and accountability. Only by virtue of our collective outrage will we come to understand the scope of this ONGOING AND MEGA CATASTROPHE.

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