Friday, August 5, 2011

EPA Radnet Data August 5 1:30 PM Pacific Time Omaha NE and Des Moines IA

The EPA has changed it webpage again.

It is difficult to navigate for me right now because I don't know how it works.

here is a 7 day scatterplot of beta levels for Omaha Nebraska

The high posted for August 5 is just under 250 beta, which is very, very high.

However, as I posted yesterday evening, it is possible these data are artificially high because of equipment malfunctions.

Let us hope that equipment malfunction, and not radiation from Fort Calhoun, explains why the beta levels for Omaha are so high today.

Here is the link for the scatter plot for Des Moines, with a high today of around 225 beta (also very high)

ditto on hoping this is equipment malfunction

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  1. The plots come up empty when I click on them. Perhaps this is EPA's way of saying " ... and don't post these graphs anywhere." I find their attitude toward data access execrable and a shame to government. Compare the forest service's fire plots or anything from NOAA.


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