Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"$60 Billion Misspent in Past 2 Wars"

The Arizona Republic August 31, 2011 p. A1, A2.

"Panel: US Waste, Fraud Rife in Iraq, Afghanistan. As much as $60 billion intended for financing US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has been lost to waste and fraud over the past decade through lax oversight of contractors, poor planning and payoffs to warlords and insurgents, an independent panel investigating wartime spending estimates"

"In its final report to Congress, the Commission on Wartime Contracting said the figure could grow as US support for reconstruction projects and programs wanes..."


Department of Defense Report to Congress on Contracting Fraud

Task force estimates $360 million in contract money lost to Taliban, criminals in Afghanistan Aug 17 2011
WASHINGTON — After examining hundreds of combat support and reconstruction contracts in Afghanistan, the U.S military estimates $360 million in U.S. tax dollars has ended up in the hands of people the American-led coalition has spent nearly a decade battling: the Taliban, criminals and power brokers with ties to both.

$13 Billion in Iraq Aid Wasted Or Stolen, Ex-Investigator Says By Dana Hedgpeth Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, September 23, 2008; A19
A former Iraqi official estimated yesterday that more than $13 billion meant for reconstruction projects in Iraq was wasted or stolen through elaborate fraud schemes.

Guest Post: The Military-Industrial Compex is Ruining the Economy Sunday, January 10, 2010

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