Saturday, August 20, 2011

NHK: New Office to Examine Radiation

NHK: New office to address radioactive contamination
Japan's minister in charge of nuclear crisis has said that the government will establish a task force next week to address radioactive contamination in areas around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

...Hosono added that the central government will set up a team in Fukushima to facilitate radioactive decontamination work.

Hosono said the government will allocate budgets to deal with the ongoing nuclear disaster as it bears heavy responsibility for the accident at the Fukushima plant.

Hosono said removal of radioactive substances is becoming the most important issue.


NHK: Cattle shipment ban lifted in Miyagi
The Japanese government has decided to allow Miyagi Prefecture to resume shipments of all cattle that clear radiation tests.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano told reporters on Friday that only properly managed cattle whose meat is safe to eat will be allowed to reach markets.

Edano said Miyagi Prefecture has put in place a system to prevent shipments of cattle whose levels of radioactive cesium exceed the government's safety limit.

The restrictions were imposed after excess levels of cesium were detected in beef from cows fed on highly contaminated rice straw in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant accident.

Before shipments are resumed, Miyagi will test all cattle that ate the contaminated feed. Blanket testing will also be conducted at farms whose straw feed has yet to be inspected. Other farms are required to test only the first animals they intend to ship out.

MAJIA HERE: Notice that the article states that blanket testing will be conducted at farms whose straw feed has not yet been inspected and that other farms are required to test only the first animals they send out.

Yesterday, blogger Ex-SKF had an article relevant to the government plan to test the straw at these farms.

Ex-SKF: Radioactive Manure from Cows Bought from Fukushima

"Ex-SKF: Shimane Prefecture, in Chugoku region, announced that a high level of radioactive cesium has been detected from manure from the cows purchased from Fukushima Prefecture in May and June.

They were not fed with radioactive rice hey. [sic]

Some people in Japan suspected from the beginning when the meat cows from Fukushima were found with radioactive cesium that it was not just from the feed but from air and water. They were dismissed by the government officials who insisted the problem was just the radioactive rice hay."

MAJIA HERE: No real qaulity control exist if the government is only testing the straw/hay and they are allowing farmers to ship out animals after testing only 1 animal.

What if the animals were contaminated by the water they drank? What if they were contaminated by the air? What if they were contaminated by rain?

If the government is only testing straw and allowing farmers to ship all animals after testing one, then this testing is a mockery.

I don't have the link here but Dr. Chris Busby explained that the primary reason contaminated cattle were spread in June and July is because the farmers only tested their hides for radiation contamination and did not test the animals' muscles (where Cesium-137 would be found) and fat, etc.

It seems to me that Japan is becoming so contaminated that only token measures are being taken to assure the public of the safety of their food supply and it appears that little testing is happening of the water (unless results are simply being hidden).

There is a terrible lesson in this human tragedy, in this genocide.

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