Monday, August 29, 2011

Japan Contamination Versus Chernobyl Contamination

Chernobyl Zoning

1,480,000 Bq/㎡~ Zone1) Immediate Evacuation Level: forced and immediate evacuation

555,000 Bq/㎡~ Zone2) Temporay Relocation Level: relocation is obligatory

185,000 Bq/㎡~ Zone3) Preferred Relocation Level: citizens are given the right to relocate

37,000 Bq/㎡~ Zone4) Radiation Protection Area: defined to prevent unnecessary contamination

Blogger Ex-SKF Reports Today on the Levels of Contamination Now Being Officially Recognized

Soil Contamination in 34 Locations in Fukushima Exceeds Chernobyl Confiscation/Closed Zone Level
[excerpted] "In one location, the contamination level is more than 10 times the Chernobyl level.
What a surprise. Now that PM Kan is out, the government dribbles out the information that it withheld as it de-emphasized and even attacked the reports of high soil contamination as measured by private entities including citizens' groups.
The most contaminated location found so far is Okuma-machi, where Fukushima I Nuke Plant is located: 29,460,000 becquerels per square meter with cesium-134 and cesium-137 combined, 15,450,000 becquerels per square meter if only cesium-137 is counted.
The confiscated/closed zone after the Chernobyl accident is set in locations whose cesium-137 level in soil exceeds 1,480,000 becquerels per square meter. The level of cesium-137 in the location in Okuma-machi is 10 times that of the Chernobyl confiscated/closed zone..."(READ ARTICLE AT LINK ABOVE)

MAJIA HERE: The thing is that Fukushima is STILL spewing radiation PLUS the Japanese are now INCINERATING radioactive debris so radiation is still being produced in large quantities. This disaster is nowhere near over.
What happens if the corium, which has apparently melted through the basement of at least some buildings, hits a large enough pocket of water to cause an explosion.
Why is TEPCO still in charge of this disaster? What the heck is going on here...?

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