Friday, August 19, 2011

EPA Radnet Data 9:27 PM Pacific Time

Reminder: "normal" is 30-60 CPM for beta and 3X background is concerning. At 300CPM the EPA advises emergency response workers to take protective action.

With that said, Pittsburgh is at 400 CPM beta

Harrisonburg Virgina is at 675 CPM

The people monitoring in Amarillo Texas have decided not to report the very high spikes anymore, as evident by the jagged straight lines on the graph but did decide to report today's level of just under 350 CPM, probably because this level is so low compared to recent highs

It looks like Rapid City SD just decided to stop reporting altogether around the 11 of August. Too many extremely high spikes I guess (up to 600 CPM)

MANY cities are reporting levels around 200 CPM while others are coming down from highs to run around 100-150. Check out the city in your area here

Please note how few cities are reporting data at all.

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  1. Just posting to say I still haven't heard back from the EPA. I asked about the high counts in Harrisonburg & Des Moines. Will post if I ever get an answer.Has anyone else asked about the high counts and received any answer, I wonder??


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