Saturday, August 20, 2011

Japan's Citizens Radiation Mapping Project

Also check out this provocative and fascinating youtube

I tried to save the video but was not able to. Someone with better tech skills than I should make a back-up before it disappears


  1. Okay, you really really should check your sources before posting links like these in a fear introduced adrealine rush :-) This guy is a known schizophrenic, he worked as an electrician at the plant and got sacked as his illness progressed. Please note, he doesn't even have the training to understand physics, let alone particle physics, at all. Also, I've noticed you've been linking lot of Alexander Higgins blog. There's another scaremonger without any actual understanding, but the conspiracy theories and fear seems to sell quite well, atleast the advertising hits on his blog.. ;) ex-skf's blog and enews are fairly good sources, please try to keep common sense in your blog without getting paranoid with these ridiculous HAARP stuff etc, and always check the sources..

  2. Majia here:

    The material I am posting from Alexander Higgins' blog is simply the EPA radnet readings, that Higgins has feeding onto his blog.

    His feed makes it possible to easily view the beta and gamma readings for all cities reporting.

    Again, the readings are from the EPA

    As for the link to the guy you describe as a known schizophrenic, I have no particular comment. His narrative was fascinating. I have no idea whether it remotely reflects reality.

    I do know that mainstream reporting no longer remotely reflects reality when the subjects concern Japan, radiation, or the economic crisis.

    When mainstream reporting becomes fraudulent, the boundary between truth and fiction becomes less easy to detect.

    Thus, I believe in listening to many, divergent narratives and reading multiple sources of information, critically, in order to evaluate and interpret "truth."

  3. Yes, I agree with you on listening many different sources, but it still doesn't mean that some background checking and critical thinking wouldn't be necessary. I think it's obvious that mass media is controlled and censored. Someone once said, "media has no choice but to lie" (Noam Chomsky?)

    I'm from Finland myself and I've come across with that guy on the video in some Finnish science/technical forums from which he has mostly been banned from. He just keeps on making these wild theories without any support from the physics point of view, and when silly mistakes are being pointed out, he simply ignores you and/or doesn't understand at all.

    Also, at one point he introduced himself as a "finland's leading nuclear physicist", but dropped that claim after it was obvious that he didn't even have the PHD. Now that would be really sad if one could be Finland's best physicist with just 2 years of training in electricity after elementary school.. :-)

    And now, conspiracy theorists are quoting this looney on the youtube videos and blogs :D kinda hilarious, tragicomedic and sad at the same time. If you know any finnish, you could check out (a finnish science magazine) forums where you can still find threads where he makes his theories mix up with some fantasy physics combined with new age crystal-thingies and whatnot secret government plots everywhere.

    Disclamer; I'm a engineer myself with some background in particle physics, so I'd like to think I have reasonable understanding and skills to evaluate (some) technical information.


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