Thursday, August 18, 2011

Video: Fukushima Is China Syndrome? Highest Radiation Yet?

hat tip self-sovereign who posted at Enenews the Hartmann link

Link to video interview hosted by Big Picture of RT

The video interview by Thom Hartmann with Paul Gunter from Beyond Nuclear explains that steam coming from cracks in the ground at Fukushima measures in excess of 10 sieverts an hour, or 1 million millirem an hour (100 millirem per year is US permissable dose).

Gunter states that the steam is coming from the melted corium meeting water under the building after melting out through the building's concrete basement floor.

Gunter also describes radiation being found in California.

Information is being "withheld"

Another relevant post can be found here:

Washington's Blog also has a relevant post and video up from Australia to be found here

Washington's Blog states:

"And former Nasa photo analyst Michael Rivero - who has been measuring radiation levels in Oahu, Hawaii, every day since the Japanese earthquake - reports the highest radiation readings yet are occurring right now."

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