Friday, July 15, 2011

EPA Radnet Levels July 15 for Fort Calhoun Area

Omaha NE 93 beta gamma energy range 10 (43), gamma energy range 2 (2341.), range 3 (1441.), range 4 (410), range 5 (230.), range 6 (134), range 7 (160) Higher than usual

Lincoln NE is 53 beta

Des moines Iowa under review

Mason city Iowa 68 beta (a little higher than usual)

Kansas City under review

Wichita under review

Pierre SD under review

Rapid City SD 85 beta (higher than usual)

My hypothesis is that the nuclear plant near Omaha, Fort Calhoun, is being vented periodically to prevent a buildup of hydrogen in the spent fuel pools, which would imply that cooling systems are not working optimally. The evidence is that radiation levels are spiking every few days around Fort Calhoun...

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