Friday, July 22, 2011

EPA Radnet Readings: 4 Months of Elavated Radiation Levels From Disasters Far and Near

Yes the headline says it all. I've been tracking the jet stream and now Fort Calhoun and the fire in New Mexico. All of these events are leading to radiation releases. Luckily they have not converged so far so that people getting the jet stream conveyed Fukushima radiation are not getting anything else since the jet stream has been so far north of the other 2 disasters most of the time.

The big question is how are all of these multiple disasters going to be contained? Additionally, I fear the health consequences of months of elevated levels of exposure to ionizing radiation

Radnet July 22 10:00 a.m Pacific Time

Des Moines Iowa 54 beta

Mason City Iowa 50 beta

Kansas City under review

Wichita KS under review

Omaha Nebraska 85 beta

Lincoln Nebraska 56 beta

Pierre SD under review

Rapid City SD 93 beta

Levels over 50 beta are above background based on my daily readings of these for the last 3 months

Albuquerque New Mexico 92 beta—this has to be coming from the fire near Los Alamos


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